A brief Intro of myself (though a bit late, but oh well)


Hi everyone! First of all, thank you so much for reading my blog. I had finally decided to start my own blog after so long! I had been fancy of typing, however never think that my writing is good enough to be blogged about. After someone whom i admire encouraged me to start my own blog, and here i go!

There are many things that i have to say sorry for before everything. First of all, I am sorry that i am not a good photographer! I know that nice photos are important, but i do try my best to take the best shot. I am not good at editing anything on my computer, in fact i only use my computer for normal project work, watch running man and go online other than blogging. So, no photoshop for now!

My English is not perfect. I may have some grammar error here and there. I do make sure that i check through all before i hit the post button, but you know, sometimes we are just so blinded to our own writings.

My post might not be interesting enough. I ensure you with all my heart and soul that i really do all my homework and do all my very best to make my post more interesting. Do leave me a comment to let me know what i am lack of. all positive or negative comments are welcome.

Last but not least, I am still new to Blogger. It takes time for me to improve my template as i am really bad at these kind of stuffs! i will improve over time, just give me some time. All those flaws that i had mentioned earlier on, i will do my best to change them and learn new skills to improve your reading experience of my blog.

I hope you will enjoy reading my post, and also do hope that my post is useful to you. Do also note that i am not paid for anything. So any upcoming review on any goods or services, they are purely from my point of view and definitely tested by myself :)


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  1. No worries, it just takes time to improve your template, do visit my blog also, cheers! Libby

    1. I am really bad with computer! Not sure if i can still call myself a blogger hahaha. I followed you already ;)