The Shwedagon Pagoda and Feel Restaurant (Yangon)


Breakfast at Feel:

Feel is a chain restaurant in Yangon! With 12 branches (8 branches in Yangon, 2 branches in Pyin Oo Lwin and 2 branches in Yangon-Mandalay highway) I only went to 1 of the branches in Yangon and another one at Yangon-Mandalay highway during our road trip to Naypyitaw, the new capital city of Myanmar. Going to blog about this city that made me speechless! Keep a look out!

We ordered three main dishes.

1. Myanmar laksa. As the weather was getting hotter during my visit there, so less coconut were put inside as it is very heaty to the body. I kinda like this Laksa!! It taste great! I tried dipping my you tiao to the gravy, the you tiao taste even better! The gravy is very nice, i guess?

2. Shan noodle. This is my second favourite for that day's breakfast! It is nice, actually it is more like on par as the Laksa. But Ronan insisted that i need to choose one, so i chose the laksa because of the youtiao and laksa gravy combination hehehe

3. Myanmar traditional mixed rice. This is my least favourite. The texture is a little soggy. so it is kind of like wet and sandy. Sandy is because they mixed bean inside the rice and many more traditional stuffs. According to Ronan, that is the best mixed rice. By the way, almost all the rice here are served together with the beans. It was kinda hard for me to find rice when we eat outside because i don't like the bean-y feeling on the rice.

Our "before"picture of our breakfast

and our "after" picture of our breakfast. burpppp

Here are some pictures of the place that we had our breakfast at, Feel:

This whole tray is the ingredients to the traditional mix salad. We tried it during one of the nights! Stay tune for the review! 

This is some fried food that i found. i ordered the ebi fry, which is quite good! i didnt expect it to be so tasty, but it turned out to be!

These are the traditional cake. I only tried two of them. The banana cake and bean cake. The banana cake is SUPER sweet! I mean it! I couldn't take another mouth of it. Ronan said that most of their traditional cake are all very sweet, or over sweet. One thing that is very cute is, they actually price the cake according to the wight! 

This bean cake is my favourite! It is called Shwe Kyii in burmese. I swear i am already craving for it again now that i am posting about it T.T Oh, spot the banana cake that i was talking about. On the top in purplish colour. Yes, that is the super sweet banana cake. I am not sure why it is purple in colour either! 

That would be all for tonight, dearies! Next up, Aung San Market, Sky Bistro (The Thiripyitsaya), the temple near Shwedagon and Sein Lann So Pyay park 

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