Touched down in YANGON!


woke up early to catch my morning flight, fell asleep in the plane even before it departed. That aside, i am finally meeting Ronan (my boyfie). We are in a long distance. it sucks to the max, trust me. The good note about this is, when it is finally time to meet again, you will forget all the waiting that you have had. everything is just worth it.

My arrival time is supposed to be 10 40 hrs YGN time, but i saw the time wrongly and tell Ronan i will reach at 11 40. GOSH. Imagine how lost i was when i was out of immigration. One word, dead. i approached the lady sitting next to me in the plane and asked her if she has any phone. Her english was not very good and i had to use gestures together when i was explaining to her. she told me that she could help me get a phone after we go pass the custom.

She managed to help me borrow a phone and quickly i hit Ronan's number. Luckily, he said he was already at the airport however trying to find a parking lot. Within a few minute, i saw his anxious look as he was approaching me at the arrival hall  <3 It was my first time in Yangon however i feel indifferent. It could be because the overall environment is almost like Indonesia.

Firs stop, we had to go back to his house to put down my things and greet his parents. After that, we straight away head towards Junction Square (one of the shopping malls) to have our lunch. i was famished. We had our lunch at a restaurant called YKKO and it was AWESOME!!! So glad that my first meal was so tasty, and i was quite sure that this would be a good trip :)
Their menu, it is in English! but i didnt know what is nice, so Ronan ordered for me.

Special number :) 

Saw Ya Kun from the place we sit. According to Ronan, the last time he came here the place was still empty. Ya Kun is fast!

We ordered 3 main and 1 dessert. Soup beehoon and dry beehoon each and a serving of satay! The satay was not bad! it is pork satay. the only not so good thing about the satay is that once you bite it, you have to eat the whole stick at one go. Unlike our normal satay, we can slowly eat bit by bit.

This is the soup beehoon. It is nice if i didnt taste the dry one!! hahaha

Tadaaaa i present you the best dry beehoon in town!! it was super delicious!

me enjoying the soup beehoon  before the dry one appear in front of me!!

Burppp. yes, when the dry one came, i straight away changed with Ronan hehehe

Ronan ordered this specially for me as he know i LOVE ice cream. This is a fried ice cream, with very crispy fritter wrapping the vanilla ice cream. YUMZZ

This is our total bill. It is around SGD 14. It is definitely worth the money! The amount of meat they put inside each bowl is incredibly generous! if you compare side by side with another bowl of beehoon from Singapore, this is definitely twice the serving. 

You might be wondering why i had to include the pack of tissue with the receipt. It is not complementary, however they do provide normal facial tissue on each table (in fact, every where we go, tissue is provided even if it is road side stall). They don't have coins anymore as the value is too little. So the amount of change for 70-100 kyats, they will normally pay you with the pack of tissue.

YKKO is located at the top level of Junction square where all the restaurants are. If you happen to shop at Junction square, drop by for a lunch or dinner! i promise you it is worth it! YKKO is a chain restaurant, with 18 stores across the main cities in Myanmar. Started off with a super humble shop back in 1988, YKKO still maintain the standard of their food. Thumbs up!

So here are some pictures of the resaturants in Junction Square. I notice that the interior designs of each shop is quite nice and they really put in effort for it. Some of them could be because of the franchise, which is why the designs are good. However, some of their own cafe or restaurant did not lose out as well.

Thai Express, lol!

More exciting stories to come! but gotta go and watch a bit of my Running man first :D :D :D

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