Currency, movie experience and Lotteria Fast Food (Yangon, Myanmar)


Shortly after YKKO, we went to the money changer to change my SGD. Ronan asked me to change SGD300 first, which i was very thankful because THE STACKS THAT I HAD TO CARRY AROUND IS NO JOKE! i received two stacks of the 1000 Kyats, a total of 72,400 Kyats. Imagine how many stacks i need to change all my money? -.-"

While waiting, i actually pay attention to how the whole system work. It is still quite manual. First you have to fill in on the provided paper your name, address, contact number and the amount of money you want to change. Afterwards, another lady will count the rates (it is fixed) and then calculate out the amount of Kyats you will receive and show you the receipt and you gotta sign on the receipt. 

After that you have to wait for your turn. They will call out your names once they are done counting and pass you the stacks of money. it is actually quite common to see stacks of money. i actually saw someone depositing 4-5 stacks of around 5cm tall of stack. and they were taken out from a normal plastic bag (like your fairpice plastic bag).

Actually 5000 kyats notes are available, even 10,000 kyats, however still  not as common yet. i will take a picture of each notes that they have and post. Stay tune till then!

Here is the picture that i took when i received my money, i feel like a millionaire hahaha

So, Ronan had to go to for his interview with a job agency. so i accompanied him to go. nothing much to comment there, cause i don't really like the idea of him working here. i am still hoping for him to come back to Singapore and work. 

After his interview, we went to The Muses and chill while waiting for our movie to start at 7pm. Iron Man 3D!! I had forgotten to take pictures of the interior and exterior of it, but i can surely say, you will be shocked to see them. It is totally so unexpected! What do you think of when i mention Myanmar? Boring, nothing to do, nowhere to go and what else? I am sure almost everyone has that kind of mind set if you have not set your foot here.

The cafe interior is really good! Just like our high end cafe in Singapore. The drinks are around 3,000 kyats each (SGD4) is what i say a reasonable price as it is not normal juices. all their drinks are all mixture of tropical fruits! What i had was a blend of pineapple, papaya and orange (i think, i remember it was blend of 3-4 kinds of fruits)

Tadaaa, first collage of me and Ronan. with our Iron Man movie ticket!

The movie ticket was 3,500 Kyats (SGD4.80) each for 3D movies and 2,500 Kyats (SGD3.50) each for normal tickets. it looks cheap to us, however over here in Yangon, you can get a full meal for one pax with that price. Just like in Singapore, our movie ticket is $8-$9 (excluding student price or promotional price) we can get a full meal as well. 

One very cute experience in the movie theater! They don't have advertisement like what we have in Singapore. No, that is not part of the cute experience at all. Ever been to a movie theater where they play national song just before the movie started? I had been!! Yes, in Myanmar, they play national song before the movie starts and you have to stand up throughout! it was a short 30 seconds or so. i was very shocked when the lady behind the microphone said something in Burmese and everyone just stood up! i was like, "What happen?? What happen??" Ronan only grinned and said "you will see" and just right after he said that, the national song was played! i was like "Whoa" first time ever!!

What do we eat in the cinema? Popcorn, Coke or Pepsi, hotdogs bun and chicken nuggets? They have none here. Instead, they eat sun flower seed (Yes, still very old school!) they do have soft drinks, but almost everyone drink plain bottled water. 

That aside, Iron Man was definitely AWESOME! yes, i know i am kinda late, but who cares! Better late than never? :D When the lights were on again after the movie ended, i was shocked for the second time. The mess inside is totally unimaginable. Sun flower seed skin and trash were everywhere, popcorn were all over the floor and seats. i was amazed by how cleaned it was when we came in before the movie started. I am quite sure the movie before ours ended up in the same mess as well. Thumbs up to the cleaners there. But i still feel that there is a need to educate them that everyone is part of the family, and if everyone does their part, all these would not happen. 

 After our movie, we were famished!! we have not had our dinner yet. We went to Lotteria (Yes, Lotteria is in yangon!) to try our luck (all the shops inside Junction Square were already closed). Lotteria was still open, buttttttt all burgers and chicken were all sold out ;( they are left only small bites and this Shake Shake chicken, with Cheese and Chili flavors to choose from. I chose the Chili!! it was very nice!! not sure if it was because we were hungry hahahaa. Oh, and the ice cream cone too! We went there another time during my Day 8 in Yangon. Will post my review there ;)

End of Day one, so far so good!! Ever heard of a quote saying the beginning is always very important? :D :D :D

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