First of all, I am truly sorry for the "fainted" blog of mine (it is not dead! :P ). My laptop crashed suddenly and i had to sent it to repair 2 weeks ago. I thought I would be able to get it back in a few day, that's why i did not leave any notice. I went back to my hometown after sending my laptop to repair. I was supposed to come back and take five days later, but thanks to the haze, i could not come back. Yea yea, some of you might say it's all because of my country. No more blaming game here, it is all in the past. I only seek for your understanding and think smart, do not be brain-washed by the media!

And soooooooooooo, what did i do right after i come back? KITTY! I love Kitty! I asked my brother (not blood related) to accompany me to queue for it. Naive me, i didnt expect the queue to be so mad, we arranged to meet at McDonald @Lucky Plaza and i reached at 00.00 sharp. There wasn't any queue at all. When i go closer, i saw the notice they put, they are going to start selling the kitty only at 7a,m. and if we want to get the kitty at midnight, we could go to the one at Scape Park or Galeria.

We decided to go to Scape since the car is parked at Cineleisure. Silly me thinking that there were still stocks left. When we reached, all coupons were given out. In case some of you might not know, the management will give out the coupons according to the number of stocks they have in store, so that people will not queue for nothing later on when it is OOS.

We wanted to move to AMK, his friends were there, but when we called his friends, they say they couldnt get the coupon too. Shag. We then saw from FB the kitty will be available at NEX from 6.30 a.m onwards. We are two sotong head. Really. We went to prawning to kill time, thinking that going at 4.30-5 a.m to queue is early enough. Yes, you guessed it right. When we reached NEX at 5a.m, the coupons were all given out too, and the manager said they queued since 11p.m.

We then hurriedly rushed to Serangoon Garden, same thing, sold out. I was super sad!! Then we had this idea to go back to Lucky Plaza, there is still a little hope as most people do not have transport to go there, unless those who drive. We guessed it right! we managed to reach Lucky plaza around 5.45 and they have shorter queue! They have not given out the coupons though, we were worried that they do not have enough stocks for us. Nonetheless, this has the highest chance.

They were finally giving out the coupons at 6.30!!! and i got mine!! Each of us got ourselves 4 kitty, so we have 8 in total. How can we not take 4?? we queued for so long, tour around Singapore, and finally got it, and u expect us to get just 1? I was too stupid since the start, only getting one for myself, trying to let others have chance to buy. BUT whoever that starts the online selling kitty, thanks to you, everyone else is queueing just to sell them away at a profit. Yes, you are opportunist, but to the kitty lovers, you are killers!! I was still thinking of getting just 2 kitty earlier on when i thought i coculd get for the midnight one. but after so much effort being put inside cause of the crazy queue, i cant.

So far i am not selling it yet. Maybe one day i will use these as giveaways for my loyal readers? What ya think?


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