Cups N Canvas @ Selegie Road


Cups N Canvas is a walking distance from Dhoby Gaut station! I would say it is around 10 minutes walk as long as you know the way there. Actually it is kind of easy. Walk towards The Cathay, and then SOTA (School of The Arts) and turn left (Selegie Road). Walk straight in front and you would see POMO shopping centre on your left. Carry on walking until you see a traffic light crossing. Cross over the the opposite side, walk a little bit more and keep a look out on your left and there you are!

Their menu

Upon seating down, we were given the menu and was asked if we had been here before. Nope, of course. We were informed that there is a in store promotion where you ordered a pasta and there will be one complimentary drink from the menu, except the ice blended and alcohol. You just need to top up another $3 for ice blended though!

The place

It is yet another homely cafe with very friendly owners! I believe the one who served us is actually one of the owners of Cups N Canvas. First time to the store, no worries. They will be very helpful to answer any of your queries.

The whole place has a very warm feeling. Some of the chairs and tables are antiques. It was mixed and matched very well and looks very comfortable. There are paintings up on the wall and they are actually up for sale.

The place is perfect for any occasion. A catch up with your friends on the comfortable couch with a cup of coffee, a mini reunion with your small group of friends or even a time for yourself to reward the busy schedule. 

Our food

I had ordered the Mango-Orang Juice ($5.80). Yes, a mix of the yellows. It tasted refreshing, however it is not freshly squeezed.

Jessica ordered the Chocolate Canvas ice blended ($6.80). I tried it and it tasted like a standard chocolate ice blended. 

Vermillion Prawn $17.90. The pasta was a little dry and the serving is quite small. We were thankful that the portion was small though, as we just had our late lunch less than 3 hours ago. Hahahaha. In terms of the price of this pasta, I would say it is not worth it. Maybe you could try their all day breakfast or sandwiches if you are paying a visit!

I had  the Beef N Burger $10.90. Yes, cheap, uh? I was quite shocked myself when I saw the price. But after it was being served to me, then I realised, no wonder it's just $10.90. Hahahha. The portion is really small, like a kids meal kind of portion. But then again, I was really thankful as I was not so hungry at that time. I was actually very stuffed after finishing it. The beef patty was not so juicy, in fact it was quite dry. But the whole feeling was okay though. 


I feel that Cups N Canvas is really very suitable for a bites or high tea. Not too much on eating for full. I would definitely go back if I had the chance for a catch up with my friends that I have endless topic to talk to!

Cups N Canvas
139 Selegie Road
Singapore 188309

Operating Hours:
Tus to Thurs: 10:30am to 10:00pm
Fri to Sat: 10:30am to 11:00pm
Sun: 10:00am to 8:00pm
Closed on Monday

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    1. Dear Libby! I am really happy that you love the new layout! Hehehe, profile pic always looks better than the pictures our friends tag us! lol Thanks once again!