(Batam) Dinner @ Grill Factory


Grill Factory

Grill Factory is located at the second floor of The Meat Shop. They are together. The frist floor they are selling imported food and beverages and the frozen red meat. My first impression when i arrived at the second level was, this place is cozy. It is really very suitable for a good chat and drinks. Designed like a hut (classy hut) with yellowish lighting, the feel is very comfortable. 

Their menu:

Grill Factory Batam

Grill Factory Batam

Grill Factory Batam
 They serve wine, of course. A good steak has to be accompanied by a nice glass of wine.

The restaurant:

Just my big sissy <3

Grill Factory Batam
Cosy place

Flower on every table by the window

My granny! 

Our drinks:

Misty Nutty and Mangosteen Juice

I ordered Misty Nutty (IDR 35,000 /SGD 4.50 ) as my drink. It is like a twister drink? There are strawberry ice cream with other kind of fruits inside. I tasted a little coffee inside though. This drink is quite girly, do try it when you drop by, ladies! 

My sister ordered the Mangosteen juice (IDR 25,000 / SGD 3.20). She said it was so sweet until it tasted bitter. Hmmm, contradicting, yeah? Anyway there was this not so good incident that happened. When we were eating half way, my sister wanted to take another sip from the juice and then found out that there was a fly inside. It looked like it just went in, though, as the back of the fly was still clean, no sign of the juice on its back. 

We notified the staff there. The good point here is, they sincerely apologized and explained that it could be because of the rain today that there was fly inside the restarant. We did not see any fly there though, except for the drink hahaha. so "lucky" of my sister. Anyway, they changed a new one for her and my sister said the second one taste better, not as bitter as the initial one. I really experienced in another restaurant before where they just scooped out the dirt from the drink and gave me back. Thumbs up for the staff's attitude in Grill Factory.

 Grandma only ordered a cup of green tea for herself and she said it tasted like normal tea. hahaha. i am not sure if it was refillable though. It does not come with the green tea bag, so i supposed we can't do refill for it.

Our food:

We ordered Cream of mushroom (IDR 18,000/ SGD 2.30) as our starter. This soup is definitely not a let down! It was quite creamy, and every scoop that you scoop up, you can see the mushroom and you definitely can feel them in your mouth. Unlike some other cream of mushroom soup which you mostly see just the cream soup itself with little of mushroom. 

Sister ordered this Spaghetti Balognaise (IDR 45,000 /SGD 5.80) for herself. She said she tried the Carbonara when she first came and it was so-so. So she decided to try their other pasta. This does not taste as good either. I think the main problem is the pasta itself. It was overcooked. Not sure if you can see from the picture, how overcooked it was. The sauce was alright, the pasta is causing the problem.Maybe they can train their staff better on how to cook the pasta well. 

We ordered Chicken steak with mushroom sauce (IDR 35,000 / SGD 4.50) for granny. The chicken was quite tender though. As for the mixed vegetable on the side, if only they can boil the carrot longer, it would not be so hard to chew. 

I ordered NZ sirloin with blackpepper sauce (IDR 110,000 / SGD14.30). Okay, here is the thing. First, they have way too many choices for the steak itself. I understand that they were trying to give the consumers more variety to choose from, but i think it is a little too much. for each of their steak, they have three different countries to choose from. AUD, NZ and USA, of course with different prices.

Why not just stick to one country and cook it well? different type or origin would have different texture and it would affect how you cook it, right? would the chef even know? or they just cook it the same way throughout? 

Oh and another thing is, we were not given a steak knife. It is the very basic in eating steak. You don't want your customers to cut the steak as if they were using a chainsaw. A steak knife while eating steak would be so much better.

I ordered medium well but apparently it looks more like well done to me. The meat was too tough, not sure if it was because they did not defrost it properly or what, though. It just failed me :/ 

Our bill:


I would go back again though, despite the failed steak and pasta. The ambience is really nice and cosy. Perfect place to hang out and chillax with your friends. Try their pizza, maybe? It could be their forte, although the steak should be, but we can't expect too much, can we? Have you been to Grill Factory? How about your experience there? 

The price looks cheap in SGD, this is because of our rental per month is super low as well as the staff salary. Nothing got to do with the quality. Although i do agree that better quality steak are priced higher, but i believe in another thing. Which is, no matter how best the quality of the steak, it depends on how you cook it. 

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  1. Nice food pictures here, yummy! Oh I am hungry :)

    1. oh thank you, Libby! really cant be compared to yours! even simple hawker food, you can take it until so yummy!!