DIY Pizza at home!


It is fairly easy! You can get all the ingredients at your nearest supermarket! At the very least, you need an oven for that! even the small one will do! 


Above is the basic ingredients that you need to have!

-Pasta sauce
-Shredded cheese

Do take note that for this pasta sauce, you have to refrigerate after opening and to be consumed finish in 14 days. Its is quite ok I think. There are so many things you can do with pasta sauce! Other than for pasta, now you know that you can use it for pizza, and the next time I will teach you how to cook a dish with that! 

The rest of the ingredients would depend on what you want the toppings to be. For this time round, I am adding ham and shrimp! Get creative! Add pieces of pineapples and you will get a Hawaiian pizza! add other seafood in you will get a seafood pizza! Add your favourite ingredients and create your own version! Prepare them before you start!

How to cook:

1. Spread the pasta sauce on the bread generously! Yes, generously! The pasta sauce is the only ingredient that makes the bread tasty! Don't get stingy there. I tried once as I was left with a little pasta sauce only and it turned out to be not that nice. 

2. Sprinkle the cheese on top of the bread. This is to each liking. Some of us don't like it to be too cheese, then maybe we can put lesser. Some wants it to be super cheesy, then just spread more of it! 

3. Add the ingredients you have prepared! I added ham and shrimp as i LOVE shrimp! One side note, fry cook the shrimp before putting them on top. My initial way of doing was that I put the shrimp on top and I bake cook it and it ended up taking a longer time to prepare this dish. I would recommend you to fry them first! You can skip no 4 and 5! 

If you don't want to cook the shrimp before hand: 
4. Lay them on the tray and put it into the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes. I put it on a 180 degrees. And i took it out at 10 minutes. The shrimp was not fully cook yet :/ so I guess 15 minutes is good. It all depend on the shrimp as well. Always keep a look out!

5. Take out the tray of your creation to sprinkle some more cheese on top! Note that we only do this after the shrimps are fully cooked! After that, put it back into the oven for another 5 minutes to let the cheese melt!! AND THERE YOU GO!! The pizza is done!

6. Sprinkle some more cheese on the top to make it look nicer!! (you don't need to follow this if you did no 5) And finally, IN THE OVEN!! I put it on a 180 degrees for 10 minutes. It should be enough. You can keep track of your own timing too. As long as it turns a little brownies on the side of the bread, or when the bread is crispy enough!

Mine turns out to be:
Nice and filling!! It didn't turn out to be too hard nor too soft! Just nice crispy! Other than the prawn part. I am definitely going to fry cook the shrimp first next time! It was quite cheesy too! I ate one whole piece of it and I was already quite full.

The ingredients cost a little more. The cheese itself cost me $8+? I can't really remember well. And the pasta sauce, I can't remember at all. The total cost of the bread, pasta sauce, cheese, shrimp and ham, it is estimated around $20-$22. After doing the 4 slices of pizza, I am still left with: a lot of slices of bread, 3/4 of the packet ham (as i only use 3 slices for 4 bread pizza), more than 3/4 of pasta sauce (you really don't need a lot. but you can use it for other dish!), 1/2 packet of cheese and more than 1/2 packet of the shrimp. 

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