JEM (I walked more thoroughly this time round)


"Orchard in the West"

That's what people has been describing Jem. Well, I agree it to the max! A lot of upper class brands such as Robinsons, Marks & Spencer, Muji, Kinokuniya , etc are all there! It is no longer necessary to travel all the way down to town area to shop. Jurong East is the new town! 

accessorize at JEM

Uniqlo at JEM

Marks & Spencer at JEM

Robinsons at JEM

Below are the pictures that I had taken at the "Roof Garden" of Jem. Well, scenery is quite bad. With all the constructions going on and the sound of them doing their work. Romantic much? 

McDonald at JEM

I went to NBC. They sell lots cute stuffs!! You can find some scrapbook materials there. They sell stationeries and cutesy little things. Did a little damage when i was there hehehe. Price wise i would not say it is very expensive. Some of the stuffs are still worth the money!






These are what I bought!


1. Fancy ribbons cost ranging from $0.40 - $0.80 per metre (those that i bought). I still remember the red colour one is the most expensive among all, $1.20 per metre but I love it! I bought 5 metre of each! 

2. Metallic gold envelope costs me $3.95 but there are 12 pieces inside! I hate those boring white colour envelope. Even if I am getting those, I would decorate it myself to make it look better! 

3. Gold string it costs me $1.05 each packet. it's also 5 metre long. 

4. Mini notepad this one costs me slightly more, at $3.85 and $4.05 respectively. There are 12 pieces inside. I would still say it is worth it, as the material is quite thick. You can use it for a greeting card to your friends! 

5. Message seal okay, i considered this item for veeery long whether or not to buy them. They cost $5.40 each! The box is so small that it looks like they don't have anything much inside. However in the end I closed both of my eyes and grab these two and proceed to the counter. Phew, it didn't disappoint me! There are 5 designs with 6 sheets each! So there are like 30 of the message seal in the mini box! Worth it worth it!! 



We passed by the store called DOT. They sell sports brands like Adidas, Puma, etc. I spotted the Havaianas on sale! Ok, actually just 15% off. 

This design caught my attention and it was $59.90 before discount. I asked them if they had a new pair for me but they said that was the last pair. So i did my checking and found this tiny little spots on the slippers and informed them about it. They tried to clean it for me, but couldn't. To my surprise, they actually offered me an additional 5% off for that pair if i don't mind. 

Well!! The dot was actually quite small and no one could notice it when i put it on! A total discount of 20%?? Why not!! So this slippers cost me $48 instead. The strap is gold (not brown) in colour with black base. I love this combination! The base won't get dirty so easily like my current one!!


havaianas DOT sg

I had been seeing girls walking around with H&M shopping bag and tried to go in to see if i can walk away with one too hahahaha. And i really did! See what I bought!!


Yes!! Sweater again! hahahaha I cant get tired of sweat wear! Anyway, I couln't resist to buy is because this sweat wear only cost me $20!! It's the baggy and long kind of sweat wear. I should really stop wearing baggy clothes cause me look so fat in it. BUT i still love it, howwww hehehehe I also bought this 7 pairs of socks at only $14.90!



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  1. I like the sweater, but I find the slippers a bit too expensive.