Kim Dae Mun Korean Food


Today I am blogging about Kim Dae Mun Korean Food! Okay, this is not on the blog that I mentioned hehehe but this is my personal favourite!! I couldn't take a nicer picture of the sign board :/ it's my skill problem, lol but here you go! 

This korean food is ain't in a nice restaurant or cafe. It is not even located in any of the crowded restaurant It is humbly located at the basement food court of Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall. I will not know about this place at all if my friend had not introduce me to this place.

The food court is kind of "dead". There are very little choices and the crowd is really little. During lunch or dinner time, it would be slightly crowded, however a place to eat is still possible to find. When you make a visit, you would notice that their store is the only store with long queue. Most people go there for their korean food. I bet they are the only that is doing well and making a profit. I could imagine how the food court would be like if they were to move out!

I had always ordered their spicy chicken set when I go there. I was having cough and therefore didn't order the usual, elders always say chicken eat will make your throat more itchy. So I ordered the bulgogi set instead.

Kim Dae Mun

Bulgogi set $7.50, Yes, it is kind of expensive if you compared to normal food court price. It it normally prices at $6.50 the most. However, I would dare to tell you, it is worth it. Definitely worth it. I tried bulgogi in normal food court before and it tasted quite awful as the meat was tough and very hard to chew it off. The serving at Kim Dae Mun is always very generous! I believe it is twice the serving of those that you find in normal food court. 

Kim Dae Mun

Brown rice (???) Okay, I really dont know why she gave me the brown rice. was it that she hear me wrongly for the order? I really don't remember myself ordered brown rice. I was then thinking if it's because I ordered beef, and that's why it came with brown rice. Very weird. I didn't ask further as there was a queue behind me. 

The brown rice was nice though! I was quite off when I see the brown rice. I know it is healthier, but I just can't imagine myself eating a "coloured" rice. First bite of the rice was weird, and then I took another mouthful of it and it tasted like normal rice. The only thing that I don't like is that, there are beans inside the rice! I didn't eat rice when I was in Yangon is because all the rice over there came with beans inside (of course other than home cooked). I guess it is the traditional and healthy way of eating rice. But I don't like the "beany" feeling on my rice.

Another picture of the yummy bulgogi <3.<3

Kim Dae Mun

Kim Dae Mun

Spicy Chicken Set $6, Jessica ordered my usual! I asked her how it tasted like, she said quite nice. She also agreed that the chicken is A LOT! I am not exaggerating about their generosity in terms of the meat at all.

All the set comes with rice, soup, the main dish and one side dish. There are 3 side dishes to choose from. Cucumber, Kimchi and Anchovy! I always ordered the kimchi and I will always force whoever that went with me to take the anchovy so that I can steal some hehehe. But Jessica doesnt like anchovy and she doesn't want kimchi either :/ Okay.

Did you know?
They don't use oil for any of their bbq set, they only use water. Hence you can assure that the bbq set is really healthy as compared to others. 

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