Kith Cafe @ Robertson Quay


Esther introduced me to this cafe located at Robertson Quay. We met at Chinatown mrt station and ended up taking cab to Kith. She went there a few times with another friend who drove, that's why she could not remember the way there. We took cab from Cinatown Point to The Gallery Hotel (Kith is located somewhere near there). It only costs us around $4 hahaha. Anyway, the place is really very inaccessible by foot. Once you reached The Gallery hotel, you still need to walk a slight distance to reach the destination. 

Fret not! They have another branch at both Park Mall and Sentosa Cove. You might want to visit the one that is nearer to your location and is easier to go. 

The cafe

Kith cafe

Kith cafe is really very simple and chic. As compared to the other cafes and restaurants along the riverside, Kith is considered quite small and simple. The size of it (only the counter area, excl the kitchen) is probably around the size of a standard master bedroom. Yes, it is that small.

The menu is on the blackboard. We are supposed to order the food at the counter and pay instantly and they would serve the food to us when it is ready. I noticed that despite the small size, they have quite a number of staffs! I counted there are around 6 or more staffs on that day of my visit. Esther did say that the place gets very crowded during breakfast hour, I guess that's why.

There are tables and chairs provided just outside of the cafe, along the pathway. When we just sat down, I can't stop sweating. We had just walked a distance there and the place was not air conditioned! Well, other than the counter inside.

After around 10 minutes, I finally cooled down and realised that the place is actually quite cooling. There were cool wind breeze to the cafe. There patrons are mostly westerners and maybe a few locals who stay around that area.

Our food:

Esther ordered cafe latte ($5) and I ordered their strawberry and watermelon juice $6. The juice was quite refreshing, but it tasted like guava to me hahaha. Probably because of the seeds on the strawberry that make it taste like that. They do serve protein shake as well! I saw it on their blackboard and I was like, whoa, this place serves really healthy food and drink!

Kith cafe

My Big Breakfast ($16). The whole thing is just BIG. The serving is too much for me. It took me an hour to finish it! Start from the most basic one, the toasts. The toasts itself is already so tasty! It was crispy and soft at the same time. Does it look two pieces in the picture? It is a total of 6 PIECES! Yes! I am not joking! They combined three together and toast them as one, and another three together and toast as one. It looks like two, but it is actually 3 slices each!

The sausage, not to mention that it is obviously not normal sausage (duh!). The sausage smells quite nice, not too strong as i don't like sausage with too strong sausage smell. The scrambled egg is not too soft nor too hard. Unlike those that we might see in other restaurant, it is too watery. Although theirs looks very dry, it is actually not!

Kith cafe
Spaghetti Meatball ($16) Esther ordered this. It tasted nice, but it was normal. At least the pasta wasn't overcook! The meatball was quite yummy! Took a close up picture of the meatball! hahaha!


The whole experience there was quite nice. The staffs were friendly and helpful. Nice food, and very chilling environment. I would recommend you to go as long as you know that area well, as it is rather inaccessible for those that doesn't drive. Maybe you can try out in their other outlets, I am going to try the one at Park Mall when I am free! 

Did you know?
Kith cafe had won several recognition, some of them being the "Top 5 cafes, bars and restaurants in Singapore" on Monocle, "5 stars - Best in Service What More Could A Patron Ask For?" on Her World and many more! Visit their website for the lists! 

Kith Cafe
1. Watermark @ Robertson Quay
    7 Rodyk St #01-33
    7 a.m to 7 p.m daily

2. Park Mall
    9 Penang Road #01-01E
    8 a.m to 10 p.m daily

3. Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove
    31 Ocean Road 01-08
    8 a.m to 10 p.m daily


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