Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover (RED)


I was already planning to start blogging during May as I was going to Myanmar for a holiday. So I was thinking, hey, why not start blogging to show the people how Myanmar is like? I love writing, I can really write a lot when I have the inspiration! 

My laptop is one problem. It is big and bulky! Well, I do love my laptop as it comes with JBL speakers as well as a big screen! Anyway, it is a Lenovo. My friend introduced me to this brand and I really thought it is cool! I would never thought of getting a Lenovo if my friend didn't introduce me to this brand. I am really happy that my friend did! 

That aside, the only thing that I am a little unhappy about is the weight of my laptop. It isn't too friendly to let me bring around wherever I go. I had the urge to get a MacbookAir and then I think twice again. Why would i need two laptops for? It would be a waste of money! Am i going to give up my Lenovo for MacbookAir? Hell no! To some of you, you would definitely say "Hell yes! What is Lenovo? It can't be compared to Apple!" Well, to me it's not the case. I was really thinking of getting the MacbookAir and during my research, I fell for it even more! All the functions and shortcuts and the fingers movements, I love them all! It is so "engaging". 

I do admit that Macbook was tempting, but I am not sure if I can get used to the small screen. I mean, the screen is only slightly bigger than my iPad! Right then, I thought od my iPad! I had been neglecting it since i got my s3 and using iPad only to play Candy Crush. Then I think again, if the businessmen and women can use iPad as their work tool, why can't I?

To transform my iPad, I need a keyboard for it! The touch screen keyboard is nice, just that it would be a little irritating when you start to type, the whole keyboard take up half of the screen :/ A portable keyboard would be nice! And i believe, my iPad will turn into something very useful wth this!

After much research and consideration, I finally settled to this brand:

Why I chose this:

1. It is light enough and it only comes with the keyboard itself!

(+) I mean, I really don't fancy those that comes with the iPad cover as well. It practically just restricts me from transforming my iPad as and when I want! For instance, when I am outside I would like to use the keyboard, it is alright that it is attached to the cover itself (full-body iPad case +cover). However when I reached home, I would like to have a really "portable" iPad. I mean, I know it would still be portable, however the keyboard will follow me wherever I go in the house, which I don't need that. And that means I have to take out the whole cover from the iPad. No no, too hassle. Me no like hassle things! 

Apple keyboard is definitely good. The only reason that I did not choose it is because it can't support my iPad. I would still need a stand for it, which is a BIG NO for me as I prefer things to be lesser and nicer" 

This is just nice for me! The keyboard is just a "click" away from my iPad! (it acts exactly like a smart cover! It is magnetic and the screen will automatically go off when the keyboard lid is close! Help to save battery!) When you feel like using it? Just "click" them together. When you just want to have your iPad alone? Fret not! Just seperate them with your hands and leave the keyboard aside! 

(-) Although it acts as a cover for the iPad, the cover itself can't actually hold the weight of the iPad. So never try to hold your cover in hopes that your iPad won't commit suicide! This is not really important though, who would really care that you can't grab the keypad letting your iPad hanging in the air? 

2. Colour

(+) I think this is one of the very important factor too! Most of the keyboard for iPad only come in a few or mostly only one colour. Too boring! This red devil definitely caught my attention when I saw it for the first time! Such a sweet baby! Imagine it with my white iPad?? Match made in heaven!! 

3. It acts as a stand itself! 

(+) Like what I mentioned earlier on, I prefer things to have a lot of functions in one. When you want to use the iPad, just seperate the iPad and the keyboard then plug in to the allocated space there! Don't worry, your iPad will not fall back! 

(-) Well, this is not really a minus for me as I don't find it a troublesome! At first I was worried that it is such a hassle that we have to take out and then put the iPad on the stand. It would be so much better if I can just flip it open like how I flip open my laptop! But, do bear in mind that there is no keyboard that is perfect. It can't stand 90 degrees like that as iPad itself is not light! You want it to flip open? I would suggest the one that comes with the iPad cover itself. 

4. The built in functions

It comes with a bluetooth function, and it is really easy to connect to your iPad! The keyboard comes with a row of iPad shortcuts like "language", "select", "copy and paste, "pause/play", "vol up/down" etc. In terms of friendliness in typing, I can type quite fast with this! I only needed less than an hour to adjust myself to the new keyboard. After that I am fine till now! 

Up till now, I am still very happy with my purchase! My iPad is now so useful!! I am really very happy that I am making full use of the iPad. Oh, moreover, blogger now have an app on iPad! Am I the only one that just get to know this news? hahahaha It's okay~ 

Price: $139
I would say the price is quite reasonable! All the iPad keyboard prices are ranging from as low as $80 to as high as $300 or even more (I am not sure about the more expensive ones) At $139, it is really a good deal as it is not too cheap nor too expensive. 

Now that I have tried it, I will tell you, IT IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT! Instead of spending 1k+ for a McbookAir and throw my iPad aside, I spent only $100+ and make full use of my iPad. Save money and preventing myself from wasting the stuffs that I already have! 

Would I suggest you to get the same brand as mine?
 Not necessarily! As I said earlier on, it all depends on individuals. Before choosing which one to get, instead of follow what most people choose, why not ask yourself the very simple question as to what kind do you want? The one that I have is definitely not suitable for your super mom or your super dad as I think they would prefer a full-body case iPad keyboard.

It is good, however I strongly believes that, no matter how good the stuff is, if it does not suit you or it does not help you, it is as good as "handicap". Mine is not very pricey and might not be too well known, however I really like it, thus to me it is the best :)

Did you know?
Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard has the highest vote or appear as a winner in other professionals reviews! I just get to know it now when I am trying to search for the site that I relied on while choosing which one to get. I could not seem to get the exact same site. Do google it and there are quite a few of the reviews! Choose carefully! Most importantly, think carefully before you made a decision!

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