I am updating my blog, *yay*. sorry guys, I was not well for the past two days.Caught a cold and I had been coughing and sneezing. The best thing? I was caught in the rain again this morning after I came back from harbourfront. I went there to collect *something* hehehehehe will blog about it soon! Up until now, I am still having a runny nose and cough. nonetheless, I will still blog no matter what today!! NO MATTER WHAT hehehehe


Yeah!! So Summer intro me to this casual French dining restaurant. I was a little taken aback when she told me that it's a French dining, me now a bit critical in the pocket hehehe. Anyway, I went to their website and have a look. They have all the menu and prices there! Not bad! All the entrée start from $9 - $14. They do offer two other more premium dishes, prices at $24.

Go to their website and have a look! They are only open form 6 p.m onwards, so don't go too early or you would be disappointed! We decided to catch Pacific Rim earlier and have our dinner at Saveur.


When we get there at 6.45, it was already full house and there was quite a queue in front. about 15 tables to our turn? We chit chatted while waiting and finally get to go in at around 7.40. We were ushered in by a very friendly staff (most of the staffs are quite friendly).

I ordered the Beef short rib and Summer wanted to order the Cod fish, but it was out of stock already. That is sad, considering that they need to operate until 9pm and I believe there are quite a lot of people would like to order that as they don't have many entrées to choose from.So she made do with the beef short rib too. Take note of the time! We ordered right after we were seated down.

Their decor:
How would I put it. From outside, it looks totally comfortable, with the wallpapers and all. However once we step inside, it is a total different feeling. I mean, the designs are cool! Just that, it was quite "packed". You would see what I mean when you see the pictures below:



This is what i mean by "packed" It looked like a mess to me. AND see next picture!

This is how close we were with the table beside us.

A little too close, no? I would have a difficulty walking through that!! Luckily ours is the last table. Therefore I was able to sit from the other side. Can you imagine me passing through that with my butt sticking out on their table? u-uh, nah! Too painful to imagine!

Most importantly, it was quite awkward for us to talk as the one beside us could hear our conversation VERY CLEARLY like we heard theirs. 

Their menu:
Took a few shots of the menu to let you have a look at their prices in case you are lazy to go into their website!

Their desserts are quite pricey, almost the same as their mains. 

Juices and Moctails at $3, yes, you didn't see wrongly! 

Our food:

Shirley Temple
Price: $3
It is normal, I think? I mean, it's just syrup + sprite in it. Can't expect much!

Summer Chua
Price: priceless <3
Sometimes very irritating, but without her, my life would be so mundane! Definitely someone worth to keep and fight for during down periods!

By 7.50p.m, our food was here! Quite efficient. 


Summer Chua

saveur beef short rib

saveur beef short rib
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Beef short rib
Price: $14.90
It is quite good! It was sooo tender that once you put a small piece into your mouth, you can swallow it right away. Hhehehehe. A very weird way of describing, but it was really quite tender! For the price of $14.90 it is really good enough! It was served with potato and veggie on the side.

The potato is another must note! I don't eat mash, or any other potato-made food other than french fries! I tried one piece and I LOVE IT! It was not so "mushy" or soft that you feel like you are a baby. It was not so hard until you will suspect that it was still raw! The chewy feeling is just nice for me! Summer said that they tossed the veggie with wasabi, which she tasted. Upon hearing that, I did not attempt to try anymore. Oh, I don't eat wasabi! I love Japanese food, but I just hate wasabi!

The serving was quite small :( I did not feel too satisfied with the food. I do understand that it was priced quite low and that explains the serving size. By 8 p.m sharp, we are ready to get the bill already. Do note that it is inclusive of taking pictures time, and us trying to eat it slowly by cutting it into smaller smaller pieces. I was a little worried that I would eat finish too fast :/

by 8.03p.m, we paid the bill and were out of the restaurant. Yes, we queued for almost 1 hour for a 10 minutes dining experience. I notice that there were no more queue outside. So, if you don't want to queue for too long, come earlier (before 6) or go at 8 p.m. But do be prepared that the dish you want might be out of stock!

Will I recommend you to go?
Yes, of course! I mean, these are all my point of view. Apparently they are still quite crowded, so i guessed there are other reasons that makes them want to go back but I just could not find it. The food was nice!

Will I go back again?
Hardly. I mean, I might rather pay for normal restaurant price ($17-$20) and get satisfied with my meal. The food was nice, but not to the extend that I would go al the way there for the smaller than usual serving. Once again, it is just my point of view =)

saveur operating hours


Summer brought me to this Ah Chew Desserts for some chinese sweet tooth! I ordered my favourite Mango Pomelo and she had the Grass Jelly Longan.

Finally a pic of me! Actually I took a lot. Just that this is the only one that is "better" not even nice! I was very "chui" on that day! 

Their "in-built" menu on the table! hahahaha!

I asked her for ugly pictures and see what she gave me:


Was it nice?
Well, the mango pomelo sago that I ordered was not so good. Too much mango puree! I see that very few of them actually ordered that. Most of the ordered the traditional chinese dessert. So I think they are more popular for thet!

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