Shin Kushiya @ JEM and Baskin Robin PINK DAY


JEM, again! Met Summer there and we tried this Charcoal Grill Japanese Restaurant. Shockingly there wasn't a long queue but it was quite full though. We were ushered in by the waiter to this large table that can fit up to 6 people. Although the table is a little too big for us, but it felt good! It's like we have more privacy, with the next table quite apart from us.

Their menu:

Food menu - other than the skewers grill that they specialises in, you can also find the dishes that you would normally see in other japanese restaurants, they serve skewers as

Price wise - their prices are quite high as compared to other japanese restaurants. Take the salmon sashimi for example, it cost $11.80 per serving (5 slices). 

Drinks menu - they serve a variety of japanese beer! And fyi, their green tea Is at $6+ per cup. 
Did you know?

The drinking water in Shin Kushiya is a Bincho filtered water. Bincho-tan (white charcoal) is a very traditional way of filtering water. The small pores in it absorbs the chemical substances like chlorine from our tap water, thus giving us a fine and quality drink 

She said this picture not bad

The Interior

Their condiments.
It is said that the skewers are best to be eaten together with these home made salt!

Our food:

Sake Chazuke

Ume Chazuke
Sake Chazuke 
Price: $6.60
This taste quite good! Okay, actually to me it tasted a lot like what my nephews and niece have been eating. Rice with soup and minced cooked salmon. Eat it fast! I left it there and slowly eat it, and in the end the rice absorb the soup and it ended up became very dry.

Ume Chazuke
Price: $5.60 
Summer ordered this. Everything is the same as mine, just difrerent in the toppings. 

Price: $11.80
It is quite pricey! Sushi tei is only serving it at $8 per serving. HOWEVER, hehehe can u see the cut for this sake? It was SUPER THICK! Worth the money! And I don't know why it was so delicious! Could it be because i had been craving it for quite long? 

Lobster Maki
Price: $16.20
Hmm, not sure what to say about this sushi roll. It is not so bad, tasted like normal sushi roll? I mean, i did not taste anything special. Oh, we dip the sushi roll in the shoyu and Summer claimed that the shoyu tasted different! That could be the reason why my Sake tasted so good earlier on! 

Buta Platter
Price: $14.20
The Grill Skewers! There are 4 sticks of them. Kimchi, shitake mushroom, cherry tomato and pork belly. Both Summer and I agreed that the kimchi skewer is the best! The pork skewer is too chewy. My mouth went numb after chewing just one piece of thet. The cerry tomato was quite refreshing aas well! Once you bite it, the juice of the tomato just burst into your mouth! 

Curry Salt

Pulm Salt

Baskin Robin PINK DAY!

Every wednesday is Pink Day in Baskin Robin! Show them something pink (anything!) and you can get a free junior scoop for every purchase of a value scoop! I showed them my eyeliner that has a pink colour case. The one lining in front of me merely carried his daughter who was wearing a pair of pink Crocs shoes while ordering. 

Summer ain't fans of BR hahaha. She is a "waffle" person and apparently the waffle in BR is not up to her standard. Well, I think different people has different taste bud. To me, I love it! Actually it's more like I LOVE ICE CREAM! Any ice cream is nice to me hehehe. 

The Value scoop is $5. On Wednesday, you get 1 value scoop and a free junior scoop!*

I am craving for cakes :/ Any recommendation?

*As long as you show them something PINK!

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