What a day I had yesterday!


Irritating incident 1: 
While I was in the train towards Bugis, I am not sure why the train I was in was super slow! Not just that! I found myself very hard to breathe and started to feel giddy. I kept praying that I would reach very soon but the train seemed to be crawling :/ And I felt like puking

When I was reaching Outram the next stop, I alighted to take a fresh air. I thanked God that I decided to alight. I could imagine myself puking in the train after Outram station if I didn't alight! I hopped on to the next train in 3 minutes and luckily the train was much better and cooler.

Irritating incident 2:
Summer and I decided to catch Pacific Rim yesterday and I bought the tickets online the night before.

It was at Filmgarde. I seldom buy movie tickets online (the last time was probably months ago), and I somehow become quite blur with it. I went to the website and keyed in the information of the movie. Pacific Rim, 4.20pm, Bugis+ then I hit the book now button. It transferred me to this page about the confirmation of the tickets. I dont remember it appearing anything like seat selection at all. I am not sure why. And I also blur blur and hit the pay now button without selecting any seats. I mean, when we buy at Cathay or GV, they will appear this row of seats that you can choose which one you want. They did not have it and I totally forgot about it too. Gosh. 

I didn't realise it even after I collect the ticket when I reached Bugis+. Then When we enter the theatre, Summer asked me which row, I said p20-p21. Then she keep doubting me and asked me to repeat. Then we realised the seat that I had booked was actually all the way to the back, on on the right side, not centre. Summer was mad furious and I was still trying to put the pieces together. I booked the tickets, but I don't remember choosing the seat!! What a joke! 

I blame it partly on the website!! I went to try it out again to see what exactly happen! And I was hell right. Right after you chose the timing, they will direct you to put in your details (name, email, phone number,etc) and a super small "change seats" button below the page. Click on to that and they would transfer you to this site that has the normal seat selection. GOSH! You should direct us there automatically after we click on to the timing!!

I know I am partly to be blamed in this as I did not check properly about the seats. BUT I will still blame the website for it! If it didn't help us to select the seats first, If they had directed me to the seat selection page instead, ALL THESE WON'T HAPPEN! Summer and I would have a better experience in Filmgarde and enjoyed Pacific Rim even more!!

Pacific Rim

The movie was awesome! Okay, I personally feel that movie ratings are subject to personal preferences! It is a great movie, very exciting and keep making you to forget breathing! Worth watching? Definitely! And Charlie Hunnam is hotttt~~~ Yes, you get to see his body for a few seconds! hahaha.

The story line itself is quite good! It started of as a peak, and then trough, peak again and then trough and end it with another peak! Yes, you are like riding a roller coaster, up and down, up and down! Unlike normal movies, we would expect it to be "trough-peak-trough" or "peak-trough-peak" 

My ratings for Pacific Rim: 8.5/10!

ANYWAY! That was the first par

Irritating incident 3:
Our dinner was not very filling. Gona blog about the place tomorrow kay!

Irritating incident 4:
It decided to rain when I reached Lakeside. I decided to just cross over to my place and hopping that there would be kind sould offering his or her umbrella to me while waiting for green man. What's the best? No one was willing to share an umbrella with me! Gosh.

Irritating incident 5: 
I reached home to find that my hard disk had crashed. All the things inside are lost. I had just reformatted my laptop and 90% of my files are still in the hard disk. GG. All my pictures, musics, ALL GONE. period.

And luckily, the list ended there. I am not sure if I could take another blow on that night. 

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