Bogyoke Aung San Market, The Thiripyitsaya / Sky Bistro and Sein Lann So Pyay Park (Yangon, Myanmar)


 Bogyoke Aung San Market


Bogyoke Aung San Market was formerly known as Scott Market and is well known for its colonial architecture. Scotts Market was built in 1926. It was renamed after Bogyoke Aun San after Burmese independence in 1948. To compensate my lack of nice picture to give you a better understanding of how the market is like, here is the link this would direct you to google images taken by others.

My trip

We make our visit to the famouse Aung San Market! It was quite crowded and touristy!! The market was quite huge, however it was sectioned out quite well and organised. The front shop being the souvenir shops, where you can find drawings and pictures that you can hang on the wall. When you go further in, you can find the traditional costumes shop everywhere! Some of them are ready made, however some are just the materials and you have to custom made them yourself.

In the middle section is where you can see the jewellery section where they sell gold and jade and other valuable items such as crafted statue. Yes, they have this Buddha statue that was crafted from some special wood which have a nice smell in it! I am not sure what is the name of the wood,but it smells real nice. Oh! I managed to purchase my very first traditional costume there at a price of 15,000 Kyats (SGD 20. which is what i say reasonable as it is the whole set!)

Here are some pictures that i had taken on that day. The electricity went off on the day of our visit, therefore not much pictures were taken (we were busying fanning ourselves as the weather was very hot!). P.s: it is really big! there are many small shops and narrow alley inside, you will really get lost if you cant read the sign board. You might ended up going the same place over and over again!

Many of the road side stalls actually use this kind of mini chairs and tables which i find it really cute! Experienced it myself in one the nights i stayed! 


The Thiripyitsaya (Sky Bistro)

So, Ronan brought me to this place to chillax! He surprised me with this. He didnt tell me where we were heading to, but kept telling me that i would love that place. We entered an office looking building and he hit the top floor button. When we reached, ta daaaa!

I literally just "WHOAA!" He knows me well. Love that place so much! Although there ain't nice buildings, there ain't nice skyscrapers with lights like what we normally see in a more developed country, i still love this place. The feeling we get from up there, looking through the city of Yangon in a bird's eye view, I really love the feeling! 

Spot the mistake! =)

Can you see the Shwedagon Pagoda?

There, after i zoomed in. We can see it in most places that we go to ;) 

Okay, this is Ronan's mango juice without ice, that explains the bubbles (when they blend it)

Our fish fingers!

Just him with his Candy crush!


It is a nice chill out place with friends. To my research, I found out that there are actually quite a lot of business men have their casual meeting there. When i went there, i saw quite a few tables of Singaporean business men and women having their casual talks. 

I can't really comment much on the food as we only ordered a fish finger and two drinks. I mean, seriously? I don't really care for the taste when i am out holidaying! I am not travelling for food. I mean, if the food is nice, of course it would be great! I will want to come back here for sure though when i go back Yangon again! 

Temple opposite the Shwedagon Pagoda

We wanted to go for a foot massage then, but we passed by this temple and Ronan suggested that we go down and take a few pictures. I was quite reluctant though, as i already changed to my shorts after my Shwedagon trip in the morning. I don't feel good wearing shorts in (they don't allow anyway)

Ronan insisted that we go down and try our luck. They may close one eye for foreigner. So, it ended up that they said it was okay for me to go in with shorts. Off we go (of course, after taking out our slippers and leave it in the counter outside). 

Feed the fishes!!

Ronan said that we can feed the fishes and turtles there! He bought their food at the entrance and hand them over to me! I can't get enough of feeding them!

After feeding the fishes, I told Ronan i don't want to walk further in, I don't feel right wearing shorts in, to prevent stares. So Ronan went in for me and helped me take these pictures! 

Sein Lann So Pyay Park

Our common friends called and said they want to meet us for a drink. I was so full, the only thing that i keep doing was to eat and eat and eat and drink and drink and drink. We just had our snacks at Thiripyitsaya and now we are going to meet them for another drinks and right after that we are going to have our steamboat dinner.

On the way to the park, see what i found!
This is actually a pick-up like vehicle. The inside is already filled with people, and the rest had to stand on the standing pole and grab the roof of the pick-up.

The park is a very nice and tranquil place! It was decorated with colourful flowers and other plants! It is outdoor, so you have to expect mossies and flies all around you! 

This is their only indoor place, we chose outside.

Look at his feet! all dark and dirty! I believe mine was also like that. We had to walk inside the pagoda barefooted. Although everyone is barefooted, but there would still be dust flying around cause this blackie on your feet. 

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