Back From The Long Holiday!


Yes I am back! How did you spend your long weekend? A lot of my friends went overseas during these period of time. I just went back to my hometown and spent the whole holiday there!

Pease note that I have A LOT of posts waiting for me to finish blogging them and PUBLISHED them! Before I went back, I had uploaded the pictures for 4-5 posts cause I knew the connection back there is too slow to upload pictures. To my amaze, even updating the blogpost is a problem -.-" I tried to blog it but I couldnt click save! Whenever I attempt to save my work, "error occured, please try again" GRRRR. So, no post when I was back, and I have a few more post about my trip back.

One thing to be honest, I do feel like running away. It is true that blogging is my passion. But the sight of the piling blogposts to blog about, really does make me feel restless. I hope I am not the only one here? But I do keep reminding myself, one at a time, one at a time. When you start to feel scared, tell yourself "just one first" and you do it without thinking of other things. It worked wonders!

First post before I start to post about other thing else, I CUT MY HAIR! Yes, no longer this:

 It is now like this:

(Taken right after I came out of the hair salon)

(Taken today in class LOL)

I received a lot of comments, "WHY?" "Omg, what a waste!" "Wah, you are dam brave". FYI, this wasn't the length that I wanted. See below:

I wanted it to be like this! The left top was taken right after my last cut, that was the limit that I ever cut, never shorter than that. I always have hairfall problem since young, not sure if I can say it's genetic, cause my mom does too. Anyway, my hair had grown so long (plus they are thick and thus heavier when it gets longer) that it falls more and more. Even when I just sit down and ddo nothing to my hair, I could still see strands of my hair on my laps/ hands/ sofas. 

So I had decided to cut, but definitely never imagined this length :"( I did receive quite a few better comments about I look more fresh like this, and it suits me, blah blah blah. Not sure if they were only trying to cheer me up or what, lol. But nevertheless! What was done can't be undone. Instead of brooding over my hair is way too short, why not think a better side? I can now care for my hair better, and hope, just hope that it will grow faster.

Life of short hair

Just who said short hair is low maintenance!? It is not! I never had the need to brush my hair with a comb before, really! I had never spend more than 10 mins for my face and hair when I go out (unless I curl it). Obviously I can't curl it now that is is this short, but I still need to "curve" it, so that it doesnt go haywire. I also need to brush my hair so that I don't look like a crazy woman.

It still feels weird when I shampoo and condition my hair! I can't feel my hair :/ I mean, I used to be able to feel my hair for a longer period of time when I touch it. But now, I just touche it, and it's gone. lol.  The good thing is, The amount of shampoo and conditioner that I use now is probably only 1/3 to the amount that I used before I Cut my hair hahaha.

Though there are a lot of things I need to get used to, I am still enjoying it so far. Do keep a look out on my upcoming post! Like me on Missysimply's Facebook or Follow me on Instagram to get more updates! I normally post it on both Facebook and IG right after I had updated my blog.

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