It's funny how we always have those "groups" and "gangs" during our school life. Be it the smart gang, the cool kids gang, or the not so popular gang. Wouldnt it nice if we are just friends with everyone? Why do we have to make things so complicated?

It's also funny how all those lead to current life. This person not happy with that person and stuffs. We are all adults now. Whatever happened in the past is meant to be in the past. Why not choose to make peace with ur past?

You might not be close to that someone, but no matter what we were all from the same school. Even if u werent friends, cant you talk to them and make friends now? I mean, I dont see a reason that we should look down on each other now that we have all grown up.

Okay, I admit that I am not perfect. I made peace with almost everyone of my past, except one. Just one. And I find it hard for that one, give me some more time for that someone.

Reason why I suddenly talk about this is, I attended this secondary school back in my hometown. Back then there were a lot of types of "gangs". Those were the mention above. I am back in Indonesia for the long weekend holiday. And as all of us know how powerful is instagram now.

I actually see a lot of my other former classmates back in town as well but they were having their own reunion. Including me. On monday night we had this mini reunion with the pals that we used to hang out tgt. Today I actually see there is another group having their mini reunion as well.

The problem is, I know some things cant be forced. I know even if we were gg to combine the reunion, there wouldnt be topics. Is that a reason to shun away from your former mates? I dont think so. No topics or what, when u meet, u should at least say hi and be friendly.

I tried to get back in touch with all my former classmates in indonesia. I use IG, the very powerful social media. I followed them on IG, out of 10 (that werent of the same "gang" as me), 5 of them followed me back, 1 of them followed me back and responded to my comment, but soon unfollowed me. I really dk what wrong I had done to her. I dont rmb doing anything at all. The other 4 simply ignored me.

I am not saying they have to follow me back or what. In fact all these is not because of follow or unfollow thing. I am just curious over why are we like this. I guess this is just the world. The person of the same "status" will hang out tgt. I guess there is nth else I can say. There are far more things that I have to accept in this world. Too naive, always thinking that the world is not such a bad place after all. I guess I am wrong. I think I just gotta take it easy on those.

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