Jamie's Italian @ Vivocity


Jamie's in Singapore! I mean the store! Okay, they were newly opened not long ago and yes, the queue was always long. Why am I not surprised at all? I mean, Jamie is popular and I bet everyone here in Singapore wants to get a "taste of Jamies's" 

First of all, let me comment on their system there. A big thumbs up for them. I reached there about 1.30 p.m, the time when most people are done eating but there was still queue, but very short. They asked for my phone number so that they could text me when the table is ready. Superb! within 10 minutes I had already received the sms saying our table is ready! Cool, uh?

Upon ushering us to the table, I notice that the place is HUGE. We sat down at the far end near the exit to the outdoor tables. We sat down, look at their menu and stare for quite long. First, the prices are high. You can have a look at their menu here

I really want to try their steak instead of normal dish that you can find in other restaurants.After much consideration between Rump Steak Salad and The Jamie's Italian burger, I finally chose the Rump Steak Salad. My companion of the day, Rini, chose their Prawn Linguine.

Our Food

Rini's Prawn Linguine ($17). I tried it, not too awesome. Even the prawn that they use is not the fresh ones, it's those frozen kind of prawns. I guess there are really not much restaurants that would use the fresh ones as they are pricey! 

My Rump Steak Salad ($25.50). Totally not worth the money in terms of serving. I ordered medium well for the steak and it came out like this. Meat is super tough!! This is like VERY well done, not medium well that I ordered. I was already disappointed with the serving and now the quality. FYI, I was mad hungry since I was making my way to Vivocity. 

I waved for one of the staff to my table and informed her that I ordered medium well, but this seems like very well done. I guess she saw my unhappiness in the face and quickly apologize and assured me that she would take it to the chef and have it checked. In return, they serve us a small bucket of bread on the house for the mistake. 

Not bad! Although I think that it is necessary to appease the angry customer in some way but not all of the restaurants are doing it. So, a very good job done! After a while, it's finally here! And I couldnt help to keep smiling when I see the awesome looking steak!!

Please compare the looks of the steak, guys and say some justice!! This is MEDIUM WELL. Perfectly cooked! And I could taste that the Rump Steak was actually pretty awesome. Despite the small serving, I could actually feel full. Not sure if it is partly because of the bread though. The meat was really tasty!! YUMMEHHHHH. Suddenly My mood changed to be better! The sky feels so blue and the earth feels so good. Okay maybe I am exaggerating a little! Hehehehe. 

After our mains, I feel like getting their dessert. Although worrying about the servings but I still give it a shot. I ordered the ice creams. Under the description, it was mentioned that there would be three delicious scoops of ice creams served with two toppings of our choice. The first imagination that comes to my mind was, three scoops of ice cream, it should be served like standard banana split kind of plate. It turned out to be like this:

Ice creams ($10.50) I could barely see the third scoop hiding inside. The scoops were so mini that I had never expected something like this and it was served in a small metal cup.The ice creams were normal ice creams, to me, not worth it. 

If you are bringing your kids along, dont worry about them running around! They are not going to, because Jamie's provide small small toys for them to be busy about. The kids sitting across my table were having so much fun with the toys! 

The Place

The place is really very spacious as compared to other shopping malls restaurant. The investment is really high. The sms notification to let you know that your table is ready, the wireless transaction when you pay your bill with your card. Yes, they bring the swiping machine to your table and you enter your pin or sign there without moving a single inch from your seat. The decorations, the tables and chairs, all the small small details. Big investment. Spot a pretty managers in blue shirt and jeans as you scroll down!! 

Not sure if you can see her face clearly. I saw her in real person, she is drop dead gorgeous!! Her skin complexion is soooooo good! The whole features of the face is just model like!! 


I would go back to try other dish when I have money LOL. Although the food is pricey, but the rump steak proves that the steak is really awesome. Treating yourself to a good food once in a while is not a sin, is it? :D Oh, Rini did tell me that the table sitting behind me ordered the dteak, I guess it's the $50+ kind of steak. The portion was really huge. Maybe the next time I will ask another 2 friends coming along and we share 2 dishes. Not too bad, right? hehehe

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