Madam Kwan's @ Vivo City


My sister and I finally decided to have our dinner with grandma at Madam Kwans's! I was afraid that there would be a queue as they just opened not long ago and so I went there first to get a seat for us. It was about 6.30 p.m then and it was quite crowded. I was second at the queue, waited for about 10 minutes only and it's our turn. 

When I went in, it was not as full as I had imagined. There were still a few empty tables, out of those maybe 2-3 were under reserved. It was fine, I didnt wait for too long for my queue. 

The place (it is really spacious!)

The signboard

The entrance

Before I start on the food, let's talk about the service. Service crew was quite bad. No smile on their faces at all. I mean, no smile but you act a little friendly, we might be okay. This one is no smile not friendly, nothing. There were quite a number of staffs, however I could see that only 3 of them were able to take order for us. The rest are merely to serve food and clean up. 

The service side was really poor. Many of the customers were having a hard time getting the attention, and we had to wait for our turns in taking orders while seeign the rest of the staffs stood there and do nothing. 

Our Food

We ordered 3 mains and share among us. Beef hor fun $14.90, this is really delicious!! They were very generous in terms of the beef and the hor fun was really well-cooked and soft. Highly recommended! I don't think it is considered too pricey because firstly, it is BEEF, anything with beef is priced higher (everywhere) and moreover their beef slices were generous and delicious! 

Nasi lemak $13.90. The rice is so fragrant! The sambal ikan bilis on the side was simply awesome! It was a pity that the serving for the sambal ikan bilis is too little :( The curry chicken on the side was HUGE. They gave us breast meat, I am not sure whether we are able to change to other parts though. The curry chicken was just normal, in fact I find that the breast meat was too dry and tough. 

I would say this dish is nice, however it is no doubt a little pricey. Although the chicken meat they gave was big,  but I guess you can get the exact same side dish for less than $5 outside. But then again, this is a restaurant, and the rice was really like no others. It is really up to individual as to whether it is worth it or not =)

Nasi Bojari, the tri-coloured rice ($18.90). This Bojari rice is so cool! But, yes, I guess you were very shocked to see the price. To be honest, the price was really priced quite high. I would not mind to pay that kind of price if the assam prawn were given more (cause it's decliciousssssss) and the beef rendang maybe another 2 pieces and more of the rendang sauce. The chicken thigh was huge too, but still tender. 

Did I mention that the rendang was awesome? I guess the next time I go there I may want to order a la carte rendang! 

Both sissy and grandma eating happily <3 <3 <3 


To summarise, I would say Madam Kwan serves really nice food but also at a quite high end price for the food that they serve. Would I still go? I would! The food was really nice! But probably not so fast and not very ofter cause of the price. 

The menu

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