Real Food @ Killiney Road


The place

If there is one word that I can describe about this place, it's serenity.

It is around 7-10 minutes walk from Somerset mrt station. Once I stepped inside, I have this very "earthy" feeling. The whole emotion when you stepped inside is so different! I suddenly feel very relaxed and tranquil when I went in.

The whole place is very spacious. You kind of can see through everything despite the big space. We reached there about 7p.m and there were not much crowd yet. Only around 7.30p.m onwards, the crowd started to come in. 

I see many types of patrons they have. From individual who went there to do their work on the comfortable couch, or in twos with that favourite friends of yours and even in group of 4-6 people for a mini gathering. The place is good for all! 

Our food

Hehehe, nope, those are not our food! She served us the drinks and those are other customer's orders! 

I ordered the apple juice on the left ($6) and Lisa had the avocado coconut smoothie ($7.80)

My apple juice full of bubbles, only means that they are freshly squeezed!! No ice added!

Fried Rice ($7.80). Lisa ordered this, every mouthful of fried rice is filled with ingredients. Very fragrance!

My companion of the night, Lisa! 

We ordered this steam dumpling ($7) after we saw that almost everyone in the store would order this. Seems like it's their bestseller! The taste was okay. I guess it's just us that feels that it tasted a little weird. I guess because it's vegetarian. 

I had this fruit pancake ($9.80). Couldn't really make up my mind as to what to order, and finally choose this to try! The pancake is not those round and thin kind. It is very thick and spongy! The fruits are strawberries and banana. Even the filling of the pancake inside is with banana! It's really bananalicious! 


The food there is nice, however I am still not very used to the "healthy" taste. The price is a little too high, however they have this saying in their store "It is too good to be cheap". The whole store layout is really very relax and nice. Go there for a cup of healthy drink when you need a quiet place for inspiration. Oh, it does get a little noisy during dinner time. Come on, tell me any place that is quiet when it's crowded? Of course except the fine dining restaurant (though sometimes they are noisy too)

Did you know?
Real Food is free from processed ingredients, artificial preservatives and Trans-fat. It is alos a Meat free cafe!

Real Food

6 Eu Tong Sen St
The Central #B1-52/53
Singapore 059817
T: +65 62244492


10 Sinaran Drive
Square 2
Singapore 307506
T: +65 63972289


110 Killiney Road
Tai Wah Building
Singapore 239549
T: +65 67379516


Lot/Unit No 3A-G-13D Block A,
Ground floor, Straits Quay,
Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang,
Tanjong Tokong
Penang 10470

The minimarket

There is this minimarket near the exit where you can find the organic vegetables, kitchenware and even body products! 

Other Pictures 

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  1. Are those books for the customers to read?

  2. Very nice photographs you took, looking at the photos make me feel like going there one day!

    1. Those books are meant for sale :) there is actually another magazine sections which I supposed is for the patrons to read. Thank you for the compliment, Libby! :)

  3. I would order the fried rice if I go there.

  4. Chanced upon this by accident and hey:

    Good blog Good read Good Info :)

    Keep it up :)
    -Anonymous random reader who doesn't compliment that often but compliments this post

  5. To anonymous,

    Thank you so much for the comment! :) Hope you enjoy reading my other posts too.. If there is any feedbacks you wana give, please feel free to do so okay :)