Antoinette @ Penhas Road



Ronan went to ICA to settle some stuff and I took this chance to suggest to go to Antoinette @ Penhas Road. It's just a 5 mins walk from the Lavender MRT station. I bet he had no choice but to give in to me :P hehehhee. We are meeting his Uni friends for a mini reunion at Tg Pagar. There was still about 2 hours to go. 

So, we made our way there! Tadaaaa!!

We went there at at about 5p.m. It was quiet, actually there was only a table of 4 in one corner. The place is so "my style"! Ronan brought me to one similar place when I visited Yangon, read it here. The place is so beautiful! I like to go to this kind of places, it made me feel like I am in a wonderland. However I don't have that fat enough pocket though. Once in a while is still alright. 
The Place


We only ordered some a little as we are having our dinner in about an hour+. Have a look at their menu here.

I ordered the Charlotte (pinkish) at $2.80 and Pistachio flavour (green) at $2.50 each. Ronan is not a sweet tooth person and yet I am a sucker for it! I asked him to try one bite and he went "What was that??" With the expression as if he had just eaten the worst food on earth. I was like "Huh?? It's niceee!!" Okay, anyway, yes it is nice. I love macaroons, but I don't dare to eat too much. 

Opera L'amour $9. This cake is so so so so nice! It is with a Rose petal mousse, rose finger sponge, raspberry jelly, strawberry and rose meringue. Ronan loves this too! It is not very sweet, the rose smell is very nice and calming. This is actually their 2013 collection. So I guess if you go there in 2014, there would be no more.

Cappucino $6. A super cute cappuccino!! It's just too cute! 

I had the Antoinette Hot Chocolate $7. No fancy art on top of it but the hot chocolate was actually quite smooth and nice. 

The Confectionery Area


The place may seems like a very posh place where all the prices are very high but I would say that the prices are still in the reasonable range for a place like this. There are higher prices that sells similar stuffs as them. I would definitely go back again some day to do a catch up with an old friend of mine!

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