Back To "Me First" (Inspired by Bubzbeauty)


The title says it all. Back to "Me first". I had been neglecting myself so much lately without realizing it. I am always thinking of others first ever since God know when. During my diploma life, that was when I really took care of myself a lot. I could not remember what made me stop whatever that I was doing then.

I used to use hair mask every week on a Sunday. I used to do face mask on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Even when I was real busy, it would be at least twice a week. I used to put in effort for my daily make up, owning make up brushes for this and for that. All thanks to Bubzbeauty. She is the one who inspired myself to love myself more before loving others. I watched a lot of her videos back then, from her tutorials to her mini life lesson.

She is very humble, she is ALWAYS having positive thoughts! Always! She is very sincere in doing the things for her audiences. I really adore her a lot. I stopped doing all the things that I mentioned above, even stopped watching her videos (actually I stopped watching Youtube!). I really don't know what I was busying with!

I can't remember when was the last time I do face mask. I stopped using hair mask ever since a year ago when I finished the container and I didn't even bother to buy a new one. I was so "busy" with other things. My everyday make up now is only 5 minutes. I washed my face, put on toner, apply my daily products (2 items) before I put on my sun block and that's it. No coverage for my dark circles, no coverage for my blemishes.

Just about less than a week ago I suddenly have the urge to make myself more presentable. I started to buy primer for my eyes make up, concealer and higlighter for my face (Review on these products coming soon ^^ still in the process of using them). I also bought brushes from Shopbubbi (an online shop opened by Bubz and her husband Tim). I want to get new brushes and I saw that she is selling them, she designed them herself and chose the materials herself.

I have not receive it yet and so I can't comment much on the quality but there is one thing I can be sure is that, I want to support her product. Seeing the price of the set of brushes, they are actually quite affordable. She could have marked up the prices a lot for her "brand name" but she didn't. This proves that she is sincere in selling them to us hoping that it could help us in any way we want it. I will do a review on the brushes once I got a hold on it and try them!

Since it was very long ago since I took a good care of myself, I need to rejuvenate lol, sounds so old. Anyway I practically just need to give my face more life and energy to regain back the moisture and all. I need a face mask and eye masks. A friend of Ronan introduced me to this LEADERS Insolution mask. I went to a few Watsons to get this but they don't have it. It turns out that only selected outlets have this product.

Anyway I found mine at Watsons Takashimaya. I love the Watsons there! It's so spacious and they have a lot of Korean and Japanese products that you can't find in any other Watsons store. There are a lot of types for different needs. I was reading carefully to the translation to see which one I need the most.

There are for eyes, for nose (blackheads), for hands and even for feet!

The colourful masks on the shelves would definitely attract your attention!

Very cute packaging! They really do stand out from other brands. 

I settled to this Aloe face mask ($3.10/pack), it is for hydrating. I tried it once just 2 hours ago and I can really tell that it is real good!! Of course, I would use is again and do another detailed review of the texture and effect with more pictures. Stay tune okie! 

I also got this Hydrogel for my eyes ($15.90 /5 pairs/ box). This eye mask really work wonders! Again, I used it once and I can already feel the difference! It is so different from other brands eye masks! 

They won the Cleo Beauty Hall of Fame 2012 Awards! Bravo!! 

I went to do more research about it so that I can write them to you and guess what! There are a lot of bloggers out there are already using them. Xiaxue's blog appeared to be the top one when I Googled "Leaders Insolution Mask". You can also read her review there. 

Of course you could have seen the pictures above inside Xiaxue's blog as well. I just add them in in case some of you did not click the link. I would do up another post very soon for the details! Until then, take care guys!

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