(Batam) Brewsky & Co


The hang out place that is currently in trend! Do you know where I get to know this place? From Instagram. Yes, I see this name appearing so much in my Instagram that I went "What's that?" My friend then told me that it is the new cafe in Batam that sells their own home brew beer. I decided to give it a shot when I went back the other time. 

Their menu

Our Food


Pork Cordon Blue (Rp. 54,500/ SGD 6.50) The cheese inside is just weird. I guess they use the wrong cheese there. I know what they were trying to sell, smoked beef with cheese inside the pork. They use the wrong cheese and make the whole feeling so different.

Beer Battered Fish and Chips (could not remember the price and it was on the other page of the menu that I had forgotten to take) But I do remember that it was around Rp. 50,000/ SGD 6 too. Anyway, this looks like a kids meal to me. The serving is too small! I bet even my nephew would complain he is still hungry after that! I actually saw the one that other people had (on Instagram) and the portion looks bigger! At the very least there were two slices. 

Fried Mushroom (Rp. 29,000 / SGD 3.50) I kinda like this though! I was still hungry after my meal and so I ordered this. It's just fried button mushroom. It tastes quite good!

You must be wondering why Ice tea and not the house pour? I wanted to taste their house pour so much but they don't have it at the moment. It was out of stock. I went there again the next week and it's still the same. I guess they weren't prepared for the overwhelming response. 

My companion of the night <3

Lisa Tjee (If you remember, I have another friend name Lisa, but that one is Lisa Kwok hehehe)

The Place

We reached ther about 7.30p.m local time (1 hr behind Sg timing), it was not very crowded. At first I thought, okay, it was Wednesday, people still have work the next morning. I didn't take picture at first as I thought I could take it later when I was about to leave. Oh, there was a live band there though despite it being a weekday. 

These are the pictures that I took while waiting for the food. We just sat down and chat, didn't pay attention to our surrounding. After we are done eating, 9 p.m, I was so shocked to see that it was getting crowded! by 9.30 p.m, it was already full house. Daebak! It never crossed to my mind that Batam citizens are actually getting into night life style too. 

All along I thought by 9 p.m, everyone would be in the house and getting ready to sleep. It's changing! People used to stay home as they don't have places to go. Now that slowly there are more and more hanging out places like this, people starts to go out at night too. Is it a hint for me to enter the market? hahahha as if I have the money! 

Below photos were taken at around 10.15 p.m. Power! To be honest, I don't find the food nice or worth the money at all but people still patronize the store. Why? Because we only have those places to go to. If you have the capital and able to make sure that your food is at least normal Singapore restaurant standard, I will suggest you to open one cafe with nice decoration in Batam. I can guarantee you that you can make money. 

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