(Batam) Go! Massage


The very first stop after our lunch is MASSAGEEEEEE! Oh, you are not suppose to do massage right after your lunch (at least 2 hrs break). We did walk around the shopping centre before heading there!

The price list is below *NOTE* the price list may change over the time, so you just need to email them/ fb message them asking for the price list and they would send you the latest one (they reply super fast, trust me! especially thru fb chat!). This is the one during my visit:

We both took the Massage and scrub. Aromatherapy + Scrub is when they would do the scrub for you first and then you would go for a quick bath and come back they would do the massage for you with the aromatherapy oil. If you don't  like your skin to be oily afterwards, I won't recommend you this.

Though the aromatherapy is good for your skin, but some of us might still want to walk around after the massage. Unless your last stop of the day is massage and you are going back to hotel to sleep after that, I would definitely recommend this to you! A good night sleep is guaranteed!!

Whereas massage and scrub is different. They would do the massage first and the scrub. After that you go for a quick bath and then come back just for the head massage. No need to worry that your body will be oily afterwards. 

So after you have made your order, they would usher you to change your shoes to their slippers. And then you would proceed to the second level where you would meet your masseuse of the day for the first time and she would do a quick soak to your feet to clean them. 

I could not take pictures during the process because, you know why! It just feels weird! It was dark anyway. The whole process was "Oh so good!" When they apply the scrub to your body, it feels so cold! I was shivering! But after that it really felt very good! The best part was after bathing and they gave you the head massage. I felt so pampered <3 <3 <3 

After the massage you would go down to the lobby and they would serve you a complimentary ginger tea. I personally don't fancy ginger tea, it makes my throat so spicy and hot! But my mom would always scold me cause it is good for health, especially after massage. Only then your body won't catch a cold or something. 

By the way, I always come here and whenever I have friends coming from Singapore, I only bring them here and nowhere else! 

The place is more than decent! The place is clean and they provide good massage!! Most importantly, they are affordable!! It is really a MUST to make your visit to GO! Massage when you visit Batam. Would I go back again? Hell yeah! Give me a reason for saying no! 

Do note that their operating hours is from 10a.m to 10p.m local time. I think they take their last order around 9 p.m? I know that some of my picture cannot make it hahaha. Below are a few of their pictures that I took from their Facebook Page

Area for foot reflexology

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  1. Hi Reni,
    Can I know which hotel do you recommend if I want to stay near Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre? And if you shopped at Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre before? If you did, can I know the price range of the dresses sold there?

    Thanks in advance! :)

    1. Hi Sherlyn, sorry for the late reply! Anyway, There are actually a few hotels around Nagoya Hill, but I wouldnt recommend to you as they are quite old. The dresses in Batam generally ranges from SGD 20- SGD30, depending ont he material and the shop There is this favourite shop tht I like to go to get my dresses, ranging from 30-40 but the material is very good. If you are interested, the name of the store is called Match. Keep a look out, There is one in Nagoya Hill and another one in BCS.

      For convenience wise, I would actually recommend u to sty near BCS instead. It is more crowded and there are a lot of food court there. So you dont have to worry if you are craving for anything at night and worried for the safety. There is is hotel apartment called The BCC Hotel and Apartment, I think it is quite nice. Price wise I am not really sure, you can check from www.agoda.com. There is another new hotel just right opposite BCS shopping mall, but I cant remember the name,

      I hope this helps! Feel free to drop me an email missysimply@gmail.com if u have any other queries ok! I can drop u my number and maybe I can tell u thru whtsapp. It's much faster that way, of course if you need that. Heehehe. Have fun later!

    2. Thank you for your reply Reni! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the useful info here. Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice Blog Reni, have been reading through your articles ....very convenient having recently moved to Singapore. Thanks!

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  6. thanks for sharing, would like to go this week