Projects are killing me softly (updated with pictures and links)


I am on mobile blogger again!! Thank god for the app, I can blog some stuffs on the go despite the busy schedule cause of my projects.

I do admit that I procrastinate a lot. Ronan came on August, Hefei (my bestfriend who is currently back in her homeland, China) came a few days after Ronan went back and stayed for 2 weeks. I had been neglecting my school work and had fun, now then I know the pain lol.

Some update on my wisdom tooth! The doctor confirmed that it's the wisdom tooth that caused the pain. I took the X-ray (I am quite shocked to see how neat my teeth are!!! LOL and and and! The Xray machine is so cool! see below!!) anyway, the X ray showed the super slunted wisdom tooth :/

You gotta bite the thing there (disposable cover is provided), I guessed it's to separate the top and the bottom teeth for better viewing result. 

This picture is a little blur, anyway the thing both sides of your head will turn around and around and take the Xray, dam cool! 

This is the result of my Xray. I was given a soft copy to show to whichever doctor that is going to do the surgery for me. The one that is hurting is the wisdom tooth on the right. You can see it's really very close to my normal tooth and while the one that was plucked out, as you can see, is on the left. 

My mom asked me to do it in sgp. But as what MomoXX told me in the comment on my previous post, it could cost up to $1.2K O.o I ain't gone spend that much!!! I told my mom that as long as it didnt give me any trouble,  I will leave it as it is. She said it's not something that I can just keep when I am happy and remove it when I am not.  One day the pain will come back and it might be unbearable!

I really dont want to spend that much money on ONE wisdom tooth....

Anyway I didnt go to the dental for nothing though. In the end I plucked out one tooth that was a little decay. The doctor said that if I didn't take it out, it could affect my health.

I knew that tooth was bad since young lol. But I don't have the courage to go to the dentist, that's why I was keeping quiet until the recent visit to the dentist and the doctor gave it away.

He numbed that part of my mouth and took it out. He needed to sew it back as that tooth that he took out was HUGE and thus the hole was big (also mean free flow of blood if he didnt sew them back). I couldn't eat properly for 2 days and when I finally can eat normally, I am like someone who had been locked up for weeks without food -.-"

All the dental problems on the side! Recently I just started my volunteering project again. My friends would know that last time I used to work whenever I can, now not anymore.

I stopped working and currently in the mids of adjusting my timetable to my new sem and now I am doing volunteering on every Tuesday and Thursday.

My Tuesday project is child volunteering,  where I take care of the primary shool kids after their school hours in the school itself.

My Thursday project is elderly volunteering, which I visit the home for the aged and accompany them. I will post more details on both next week after each session :)

Although it's nothing much, but that's what I can do. I have classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Currently trying to apply the volunteering work on Saturday and dedicate Sunday to "My Day" where I do things to pamper myself for the long weekdays as well as to prepare for the next week.

Back to the point, I stopped working. Which also means I dont have anymore extra income for myself (I still do take pocket money from my Dad but I never ask for more)
Recently, especially start of the month of September, I had been controlling myself from doing shopping. Now not only that I don't have extra income, but I am spending more on transportation and outside food.

I love what I am doing now, but then I am a human too who sometimes have the wants that I dont need but I simply want it. I am a girl who has that bag that she is aftering and that dress that she wants to own.

It is all good though, I guess I am just not used to it yet. I believe one day, when I see all the smiles on their faces, I know that I made an impact on their life, I know it's all worth it :)

And I have reached my stop!! That's all for tonight, awesome people!

Oh, if u want to do volunteering as well, do visit and sign up there!  Why I love it is that, there is a calender with various of volunteering events there with the details. You could see on that date that u are available, and chose the one that math to your time slot or your preferred venue. Very flexible!!

Do feel free to drop a comment or drop me an email if u have any queries on that :) I would be very glad if I can help you in any way!

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  1. dear Reni, the link to with momoXX is wrong place haha. That one is a blog which I follow

  2. WOOOPPPSSSSSS!!! So sorry Moses!!! heheheheh paise ah, changed alr. confirm and chop it's the correct one

  3. Hi Reni,

    Please remove your wisdom tooth asap because I was one of the victim (also had the same tooth profile as shown in your x-ray) suffer sudden pain on and off for the past three years...lastly I removed all - 4 tooth at the same times while I lived in US...cost even more but I had no choice.

    1. Oh dear.. So sorry to hear that! I will take them out soon, thanks for your advice! take care there in the US! =)