Wisdom tooth??


Just a short post for today.these few days had been busy being a tourguide, student and as a volunteer. Just a few days ago my tooth start to ache. I didnt think much, so I just let it be.
Until yesterday when the pain woke me up from sleep. Suddenly remember this term called wisdom tooth. Checked my teeth and realise that the one causimg the pain was the gum on top of the wisdom tooth area. I was so scared. I went to do a research for it and so many scary results came out.
I gotta extract it out. Each human being has 4 wisdom teeth. It is said that it is impossible to have more or less than that. Some people are lucky that the wisdpm tooth wpuld not cause them any pain.
My case is just a speculation though. I am on my way back to my hometown now bacause I feelore comfortable back there. I am not fancy of dentist, actually I am kinda scared. There is this weird feeling I have whenever I step into a dental clinic. Moreover if it's really wisdom tooth, at least I have my family to take care of me for a few days after the extraction.
Kinda worried.. but then I had no choice. T.T

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  1. I have extracted all 4 out.
    Not on the same day though. 2 on each side on 2 occasions.
    Hmmmm not to worry though. I'm sure you will be able to survive on ure own after the surgery. I'm not sure how good the dentist is back in your hometown too. How well and fast it heals depends on the skill of the dentist in sewing up the wound haha..

    if you are daring enough to extract all 4 in a go, then you will be placed in a general anaesthesia then you will need your family to take care of you for a few days. I preferred 2 each side in a go is because so I can still eat semi-solid food on the other side while it is still recovering. The most uncomfortable part is having a grain of rice ummm fall into the ..

    1. omg, that's really brave of you! Hehhee don't worry, we have good dentist here too. I wanted to come back here is because at least my mom can control what I am eating rather than eat out in Sg. I don't think I have the mood to cook and clean up later on if I stayed there. Not really take care as in feed me, bathe me and stuffs like that. hahahha.

      Anyway, I couldnt extract it out as the doc is fully booked this weekend. I am thinkinking of settling in Singapore if it hurts again. Do you have any recommendation? How much it cost you?

    2. Mine was free.
      I plucked them out during my Army days. So the army paid for me haha. Well, I get MC as well!

      I heard it is not cheap though.. for 4 wisdom teeth. U can consider Q&M. They have quite many outlets around. Or, I have a friend working in NUH's dental department I can help you check out

    3. My friend from NUH got back to me. The dental there is considered as private clinic. First consultation with specialist is 80-120. Wisdom tooth surgery 650 up to 1200 per tooth. Wisdom tooth extraction 90 up to 220.

    4. The doctor told me that my wisdom tooth need a surgery to take it out :/ That's expensive! omg.. But still thanks for your information!!

  2. A wisdom tooth extraction can be really expensive. You would need to undergo surgery because it's at the end corner of your gum line; which would make it difficult to extract.

    Silvia Ballard

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