How have you guys been doing??


I miss typing and posting so much! I am really too busy these few days. Oh well, maybe it's just an excuse. I could have made time and type half and another half the next day.

I am having my exams real soon! I promised myself one post before I continue studying again because I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss blogging so much! So, today I am not updating anything about any cafes of products of anything. Just some pretty random blog because all the pictures were in my another lappy which spoilt on me a week back and I just got my new laptop yesterday. I have yet to transfer all the files to my current laptop yet.

Ahhh... Month of October wasnt that good initially. Just when I was at my most broke period, everything that I own decided to die on me. first, my everyday shoes spoil when I was outside, but it can still be used, until now lol. Then my laptop had decided that normal screen is just too mainstream, and so it added some blurred function, like when you couldnt get the channel on the television, if you know what I mean. Luckily it was half of the screen, bottom down, that's why I still can use it until yesterday when my new laptop arrived.

On the same day, my phone turned into a disco ball. It just keep blinking on and off on and off. I was like... seriously... I was in a total loss. I didnt plan to tell my dad about my spoilt laptop. I went all out by thinking of other alternatives like buying through instalment and all, but I dont have the cards. Tried to ask help from my friend, but to no avail. Finally Ronan gave me the courage and tell me to let my father know.

He assured me that he wont say anything as I am the last child who is still studying. The rest of my siblings have graduated and they don't need him to worry financially. So, after much consideration, I finally called him and let him know. He really didnt say a single no or even any hint that he is not happy. He told me "as long as it is for school work, there is no problem about that."

I didnt tell him about my phone. I still feel bad if I had to ask so many things at once. The phone is okay now, i hope it would be okay until much later when I have enough money to get a new phone. The biggest worry was my laptop and now it's solved =) Thank God for everything, Thank you Dad..

OHHH!! I am back to running and working out! Been using excuses as I had visitors coming to Sg for the past few months hahahhaa. Now no more! I run every Monday, Wed and Friday. I don't run for long, only one round around my living area. That is 2.1km long. I think it's enough for now as I don't want to push myself too hard. Just slowly, bit by bit. And for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday would be my leg workout day. Sunday is OFF DAY!

I am not someone who run without stopping for 2km. I do stop in between, but I walk fast. The first day of me back running, I took 18 mins +. Now it takes slightly before 17 mins. Yes, I know it's not something to be happy for but I am proud that at least I take the first step to get back in sport!

Another reason why I start working out is also because of my exams. Every time when the exams are near, I would find excuses to get out of the books. I think it's a pretty good excuse! It only takes less than 1 hour of my time and I feel refreshed after that cause of the sweat! It's like, all the stress ran out of ur body!

I gotta go! Do follow me on Instagram (super active there!) and my Facebook page (you can find the link on the right hand side of the page). Really wish to interact with all of you more over there. Until next post, take care lovelies!

Today's simple OOTD from H&M! Went to pray at the temple just now and go vegetarian today as it's the 15th of the lunar calendar!

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