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Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

Have you been to Adventure Cove? Ronan and I went there earlier this year in the month of March (very late post, I know hahaha) So here is some review about it and some small "tips" to make your experience better there!

We had decided to walk in using the Sentosa Boardwalk instead because of 2 reasons. 1. We had just had our lunch at Vivo, so we thought we could let it digest a little bit more before really getting into the exciting activities! 2. Entrance fee to Sentosa cost us SGD $3 then (It's been raised to $4 now!). Check out my tips in getting into Sentosa, with the CHEAPEST way!

I walked by Sentosa Boardwalk before during a public holiday, and I remembered there was no entrance fee. So I thought we could have saved $6 (now $8), we get to exercise our body, let the food digest, and enjoy the scenery! But it turns out that we still have to pay the entrance fee of $1 when we entered the Sentosa compound (Okay, not too bad).

Okay starting I thought it was fine. The scenery was good! The weather was hot, but then it really gives you that summer feeling!! Just perfect before having water activities! 

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

Right after we had entered, we asked around to where the Adventure Cove Waterpark is located at. it took us about 15 minutes to walk the whole boardwalk, partly because we stopped for photo taking sessions hehehe. Anyway, ACW is another good 15 minutes walk from the entrance of the boardwalk. I really regretted it. It was so humid on that day. I just kept sweating like I had just ran a marathon. 

ACW is located behind Maritime and S.E.A aquarium. Posters are everywhere to show you the way and how far more you have to go. Finally, after so long, we were there! The sight of this really makes me so happy! It's like, all the hard work was paid off!! Upon getting our tickets, we were informed that the 

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

At the ticketing office, we were informed that the tidal and the pipeline plunge was down for maintenance. I was really disappointed then, but we've walked so far for this, plus we were all ready for the water adventure. So, yeap. We continued with the plan.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore rates
Above is the ticket rates, picture taken from RWS official website (As of November 2013).

I actually noted down that I paid for $29 when I went there on March 2013. Has the price been increased since then? 

Actually that day weather forecast was not so good. It was completely dark when I left house in the morning and I was so worried that it would rain later on. I went to check the weather forecast online and it was predicted that it would rain on that day. I called up to RWS to enquire if they have a more exact forecast and they said no. They could't guarantee us anything. And when I probed whether they were going to refund us back, even partially, if it were to rain, they said no too. 

We left our belongings in the locker. The locker is charged $10 for small one and $20 for the big one and it's unlimited open/close access.

Adventure River

We get changed and off we go for the rides! Once you leave the locker area, you would be greeted by the Adventure River. This river is a full big round of the whole ACW. You can ride on the floats and it will let you "go with the flow" hahaha. There are many exits every now and then, especially near the rides. So you don't have to worry that you would miss any. Just hop down from your float when you see staircase and you will see the entrance for the rides. There are life guards ready to assist you anytime, as there is one every few metres.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore map
(Picture taken from Google!)

I couldn't wait anymore, the river seemed to be very slow moving, and all the crowds were there. So I suggested that we would walk to the first ride by foot. Our first stop is at the Whirpool Washout and Spiral Washout.

Spiral Washout and Whirpool Washout

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore slide
This is the opening for the Whirpool and Spiral washout. 

I couldn't bring my camera along although it was already with the underwater cover (I actually specially bought for this trip!!! And of course, for the next water adventure that I am gona have!) They didn't allow anything on top, I am not sure about phone though. I had to leave the camera at the storage racks available in every station. For this stop is actually still okay, there were personnel there to look after the stuffs, although they kept reminding you that they are not responsible for anything. 

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

The queue is madness!! OHHH here is the #1 TIPS TO SURVIVE THE QUEUE. For Whirpool Washout and Spiral Washout, the place IS THE SAME. When we went there, most people didn't know about it, we thought there was only 1 queue and 1 ride when there is actually TWO QUEUE. We then notice it on our second time queueing that it was divided on the floor that there were two queues. But hey, people are too busy looking up for the queue instead of looking down. There were not any physical line to indicate that there were supposed to be 2 queues.

In between while waiting, there are people cutting queue openly saying "excuse me" and just go up all the way. I thought they were on express pass (THEY WERE NOT! just a little smarter cause of the experience!) And I kept rolling my eyes when they went pass us just like that. man..... ***NOTE***: Adventure Express pass is only valid for Rainbow Reef and Riptide Rocket attraction. I really don't think it's worth the money as you can only use it ONCE per attraction.  

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore Whirpool Washout
Spiral Washout!

Both the Spiral Washout and Whirpool Washout are very exciting! *Spoiler alert! If you don't wish to know the details, please skip to the next paragraph NOW* For the Spiral washout, as you can see, it's the giant toilet bowl like if you look from above (could not show you as I didn't bring my camera to the top). It's really exciting, as it felt like you are being washed down to infinity! As for the Whirpool Washout, it got me scared in between!! Because after a long darkness, once we could see the light, we could see nothing but a super small hole in the middle and then we were slowly being washed "in". It got me scared cause the hole WAS SUPER SMALL. I really didn't think both Ronan and I could actually fit in, but we did!! 

So, we queued for the Spiral washout first and then after we came down, we queued another time for the Whirpool Washout, this time of course, smarter than the rest. We just sorta "cut queue" when actually we weren't. We were merely follow the queue indication on the floor. Of course, there were people rolling their eyes on us, wondering the same thing as we did at first. In my mind I was telling them "you will be as angry as me once you go up and you realised that there were actually two queues". 

Rainbow Reef

So after our first activities that totally perked us up, we continued by the Adventure River. On the next exit, we found the Rainbow Reef! Camera is allowed!! Omg, my underwater housing didn't go to vain. The queue was okay, and it moves quite fast actually. 

After queueing for a while, The staff actually called up for space for two and so Ronan and I, being lucky as the next "in twos" in line, we managed to cut the queue legally. They go per group, maybe a group of 15? I could not remember. But it was all for easy coaching purposes.

Before everything started, we grabbed out gears and sit down nicely by the reef to listen to the safety measures and a little tips throughout the journey for our own better experience. The water current is "moving". They are quite smart to design it this way so that we would not be able to stop for too long.

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore snorkel

Actually we took quite a lot of underwater shots, but it was hard to spot the fishes as they tend to shun away from us. There were a few pictures with lots of fishes, but it was all blur. We didn't set the aperture properly and it's very hard to adjust it on the way as the water keeps making you move forward. 

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore rainbow reef


This is where you literally transformed into a monkey as you gotta climb high and low, jump up and down for these activities! Ronan is a thrill seeker, especially those that requires mental and physical challenge. This is his world, and I just stood by the side and take pictures of him. 

Ray Bay

So as we ride along the river, we saw the Ray Bay area through the glass. You can sign up to interact with them, means you can touch and feel it yourself with a sign up fee of $38 (As of Nov 2013). I went there on April 2013 and I really don't remember it as so expensive! If I remember correctly, it was within the affordable range of about $15 or so. Did I remember it wrongly?

So, we took the Adventure River for the last time, just to rest and chill. We passed by the Ray bay (see through glass) 

Bluwater Bay

This is where most people call it the giant wave pool! This place is really fun! The wave will come every 10 mins and it would last for a total of about 3 minutes long. I can't describe better for this, you gotta experience it yourself! 

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore Bluwater bay giant wave pool

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore bluwater bay giant wave pool

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore bluwater bay giant wave pool

It is really too bad that the storage area for the next few for this attractions are quite far away from the person in charge of the attraction. We couldn't ask them to help us look after so we decided to go back to our locker and put back the camera :( It's really very sad. If I had known earlier, we would have gotten the phone  underwater cover instead, and we could take more pictures. 

We went back to our lockers, and here is #2 TIPS: Bring fruits for your own consumption, do it and thank me later! I know they have a policy for "No outside food and drinks are allowed" but we could see that the staffs are not very strict in terms of this. Imagine a hotdog bun that cost you close to 10 bucks? Would you even feel full? 

We brought these simple ready to eat fruits. It really helped us to fill a little before dinner time. After putting back the camera, we took out these to eat by the lockers (there were benches around). We continued our adventure after the short break! 

Riptied Rocket

As I mentioned just now, I had left the camera in the locker and thus, I was not able to take pictures on our subsequent rides. Riptied Rocket, is a roller coaster kind of rides, of course, you would still land on the water. The queue was quite long then, we were thinking if we should queue as it seemed like quite normal and not so exciting. Ronan suggested that we just take the rides, never try, never know. 

While queueing, we actually saw that the Tidal Twister and Pipeline was actually working! That would be our next stop! The Riptied rocket was quite fun! It was really out of our expectation. We actually wanted a second ride if time permit, but we didn't have the time to. 

Tidal Twister and Pipeline Plunge

These both rides are really awesome too. Thank God that it was working towards the end so we get to try it when we were there. *SPOILER ALERT* for the Pipeline Plunge, there was this part that I thought I would be washed away form the pipe cause of the large opening. 

Dueling Racer

I was so scared to try it at first! But then Ronan assured me that it would be fun and I would regret if I didn't ride it. Indeed! It was really fun and not scary at all once you've launched yourself down. This is the one where you have to lie on your chest and slide down from 3-4 storey height. Tips for this one, don't force your head up high as you are worried that you will be splashed. Relax, yu wouldn't want to end up spraining your waist (like me) after the ride. 


Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore bluwater bay giant wave pool
Cabanas Located at Bluwater Bay

There are cabanas up for rent! The one above are two of the five that I managed to take picture while on the wave lol. I checked the price. The one located at Bluwater bay is priced $128 per cabana. Aother 11 cabanas located at the Seahorse Hideaway and 2 more at River Adventure are priced at $68 per cabana during non peak period and $88 per cabana during peak period. 


We went there during non peak period and it was already very crowded. Imagine going there during peak period? I would not be surprised if you have to queue for 2 hours for a ride. On average we spent about 30 minutes queuing for each of the rides. 

For more information, do visit the official website here

Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore

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