Getting to Sentosa *CHEAPER WAYS*


Hey guys, holiday is near. I was thinking of posting my previous trips to Sentosa within these few days. The trips include Adventure Cove Waterpark, Maritime Experiential MuseumS.E.A Aquarium Universal Studios Singapore The CHEAPEST way is the last option! Scroll down till the end!

  • By Cable Car
This is the expensive way to get into Sentosa. Of course, with a great view behind the price. Check deal sites like Groupon, AllDealsAsia, etc. Sometimes there are great offer like probably less $30 inclusive of cable car rides + 2 attractions inside Sentosa. 

Operating hours: 8.45am - 10pm daily
Ticket prices: Adult $26*, child 15*

*Ticket prices are inclusive of admission to Sentosa and Asia's First Cable Car museum.
  • By Sentosa Express
The station is located at the 3rd level of Vivocity, Lobby L. 

Operating hours: click here
Ticket prices: $4 per entry (child aged 3 and above).

  • By foot
So recently, the Sentosa Boardwalk has finally opened officially, adding another option for us to get to Sentosa. 

Operating hours
Sentosa Boardwalk     : 24 hours, daily
Travellators                 : 7am - 12mn, daily
Ticketing booth           : 9am - 6pm, daily
Sentosa Visitor Centre: 9am - 8pm, daily

  • By Car
carpark rates to Sentosa
Picture taken from Sentosa official site

Okay, some of you might be thinking, "Huh?? Highly recommended?". Hear me out guys. I had just found out this way when my parents and I visit to the casino. When you take a cab, tell the driver you are going to Sentosa and asked him to alight you at the Casino entrance there. It's Free Of Charge for them to enter there (and also free for us!)

You will not be passing by any ticketing booth, just right down to the Casino entrance and then from there, you can go anywhere by the Sentosa express. The casino is located below Candilicious, which means it's near to USS and S.E.A aquarium. 

So, for instance, if you are taking cab from your house to Sentosa and it's going to cost you $20, it is still worth the money (if you are travelling by 4). Do the maths. 4 pax entrance to Sentosa by the Sentosa express is total of $16. Note that you have not include the transport fee from your house to Harbourfront station and the time needed to travel. You save money and time! 

So if from your house to Sentosa only cost you $15 or less, the more you should just take cab in! If you are going in with your friends who stays very far away from each other, meet at harbour front and cab in from there! From harbour front to Sentosa cost you probably about $5? That means you are only paying that amount instead of $16 entrance fee!!

So, yeah. Hope this helps! Nowadays I always urged my family or friends to cab in to Sentosa by explaining this reason to them. Remember, alight at Casino taxi drop off point ok! 

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