my #missysimply14daysinburma (the hashtag on my instagram) trip had ended =(

Landed yesterday with so many things to worry and think about. The life there was truly awesome. Not needing to worry about anything and just enjoy the slow paced lifestyle. I was so carefree and happy then.

Coming back without a single regrets from the trip because I went to the places I wanted to go for so long! It was adventurous and fun! Gotta start blogging about the trip already ^^

Burma (or what we known as Myanmar) had recently opened up to the world after 5 decades. Many people do not know much about this country, some have not even heard about it. I am really lucky to be able to explore this beautiful country and experience their culture.

Daw Aung San Su Kyi came to Singapore this year and there is this answer that she gave to the reporter that lingered on to my mind till now. The question was, what cooperation you can see between Burma and Singapore.

Her answer is this "Burmese wants to learn from Singapore because they see the success in terms of economy reforms. We want our country to be different. We want the difference to add on to the diversity of the world. Perhaps Singapore can learn from us a more relax way of life, a warmer and closer family relationship. I think we have much to offer you, you come and find out."

I love that answer. Burma can never be like Singapore. As she had said, Singapore is much like a city state where Burma is an agriculture state. Burma can learn from Singapore in a way or another, but they certainly have to retain their rich culture, their beliefs and their way of living. My trip to Burma was really an open eye to me. It would be such a pity if they lose their culture in the mids of moving forward.

Go forward, Burma. Open up more to the world, let the people go in and experience your culture and let them leave in awed. You gotta show the world your spirits. You gotta show them how to move forward without sacrificing all your strong cultures and beliefs.

Before opening up to the world, Burma experienced a lot of internal problems. Humanity rights, and the biggest problem, children trafficking and children slave. The lacks of education had lead them to this. It is still a long road to go to end all these problems. Jason Mraz had his concert in Yangon, an act to stop human trafficking.

Sad issues aside! Do keep a look out on the posts of my second trip to Burma!

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