Platinum Movie Suite @ The Cathay


Platinum Movie Suite The Cathay

Platinum movie suite experience! Well, not because we are both too rich to even need a suite to ourselves for movie purposes, but we just want to experience it. Guess what made me want to experience it?? Of course because there's a good deal!! 

Calling out for students!! There is this 1 for 1 student promotion! Click here for more information about the terms and conditions to this promotion. Not a student? No worries, there are other promotions too if you would like to try it.

So we were watching Django. We were ushered in to the waiting room. It was really posh. We didn't stay long at the waiting area and proceed in to the movie theatre. There was another couple sitting behind us. 

The whole experience is really good. They didn't treat you less better just because you came in with the promotion. That's one big thumbs up for them. I believe there are lots of experience where you were treated less than what you were supposed to get just because you are using the promotion. 

We were given complimentary blanket, the staff even put it on for me. We were explained about the buttons on the chair to what it is for. We could adjust the seat to our liking. The staff was very attentive. Although in between we kind of irritated her a little by asking her to help us take a picture during commercials as her stand was, once the lights off, even if it was commercial, we weren't supposed to take pictures. She could help us take after the movie is done.

We could see she was a little displeased, but she didn't give us any attitude afterwards when we ordered food. We didn't know that there was a popcorn combo promotion for student too. So when Ronan and I decided to get something to pamper us throughout the movie, we were prepared to pay for the bomb. 

She then informed us that there was actually a promotion for us and it's $10 for 2 popcorn and 2 glasses of soft drinks. Of course that's a yes from us! We were even given the complimentary wet tissues. 

The whole movie lasted for almost 3 hours! Gosh, but we didn't mind as the seat was too comfortable! In total we spent $38 for this experience. The ticket cost us $14 each and addition $5 each for the popcorn and drink. It's double the price of student price for normal movie. However, it was a good experience that I really enjoyed. 

The service was really good. Before going in, I was already kinda mentally prepared for the "less" treatment that we're gona get as we paid the promotion price. But they didn't do that. I was really surprised. A lot of company set the wrong kind of mindset to the staffs. They asked the staffs to care less about those people who paid the promotion price as they thought we are those cheapskate that will not come back again. 

They are wrong. I think Cathay really did a very good job educating their staffs to treat everyone of us the same, even better when they are paying the promotion price. Make them feel special. Student like us will one day become employees, employers, business partners or even entrepreneurs. They know that we are their long term investment. Erhhh okay, Marketing aside!!

Drop by when you can! It's really a good experience and putting your student promotion into a good use! 

Platinum Movie Suite The Cathay

Platinum Movie Suite The Cathay
Happy us after a good movie experience AND short nap cause the seat was just tooooo comfy! 

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