Ramen Keisuke Tori King @ 100AM,Tg. Pagar


Ramen for dinner!! 

There were a total of 6 of us, however one of my friends was late. We thought we could go and get the seat first. There was no queue then, totally no queue. We requested for table for 6, the staff asked if everyone was there, we said there's on on the way. He said we needed to wait for everyone to be there then they could usher us in. Seriously? Even if we requested for a table of 5, they would still give us a table for 6. Moreover, there was no queue at all! We were hungry, we thought we could go in and order ours first, but -.-" 

So my friend finally reached and we went in. It is a standard ramen shop with servings for about 30 pax. The decoration was simple but very japanese-ish feel! 

Free flow of hard boiled egg! Did you spot the mayonnaise there? That bottle is selling at quite a high price in cold storage! they just give it to you like that. We have two bottle of that on the table. 

So, each of you would be given this small piece of paper to write your order. First you fill in your name (because they would call your name upon serving you the ramen), then you choose the ramen (actually the difference is only in the sauce that they put in) and then you choose the toppings you want. 

Okay, this is very funny. The choice of toppings only have seaweed, flavoured egg, or special topping (seaweed and flavoured egg AND pork). I only want the flavoured egg and the pork, but there is no single choice for the pork. So, no choice but to order the special topping one. 

Moses wanted just the pork so he asked the staff if he could just had the pork topping. Guess what the staff answered?

"We don't have pork as the single choice topping, if you want we can still do it for you. But our specialty is not the pork. You want the pork, you can go to next door." I was literally like DOT DOT DOT! Some more the tone that he used was so arrogant!! Moses, being polite and patient replied the staff with a smile saying "Nevermind la, cause I just want to try". The staff just kept quiet and went off. Seriously -.-" 

Okay, honestly speaking, I am not a ramen pro! But from what I had experienced the last time I ate ramen with a friend, we were supposed to squash the bowl of sesame seeds to this:

And then you are supposed to sprinkle or pour the whole thing into your bowl of ramen! 

Green tea cola, SUPERB!

Black Spicy Tori King Ramen

We found out that the only difference between this black spicy and the normal version, is just the additional black spicy sauce on top. Everything else remains the same! My friend ordered Black spicy, but it came out as normal on instead. When informed them, they took back the bowl, add the sauce in it ad give it back to us. All done in less than a minute. Initially we thought they do the soup differently. 

Tori King Ramen (All in)

Yes, because I want to try out all of the ingredients! The ramen is quite nice despite the not so good service. The chicken was very tender, I mean, it's chicken thigh, of course it would be tender. It was nice it was nice! You can go and try it out if you are nearby. However to go down specially for this? hmmmm maybe not so. 

Adress: #03-15, 100AM, 100 Tras Street Singapore 079027
Contact No.: +65 6604 6861

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