River Explorer via Bubble Jets @ Clarke Quay


During Ronan visits on end of March, we were really lucky and fated to make the trip as "Adventure Singapore" trips hahaha. He was buying a sim card in one of the shop at Jurong East MRT station and the person gave us two of this!

It was initially just one. Then we asked for another one, they didn't want to give at first, saying that the ticket is not very cheap. Then I said jokingly "Do you want to see us break up? How can you give one ticket to a couple? who should go? Just him? Just me?" The staff laughed and then decided to give us another one. Hehehehe. 

So these tickets are supposed to entitled us to take the Bubble jet, the new jet instead of the traditional bumboat tour. 

The Bubble Jet tour

Upon reaching, we were informed that the bubble jet would only be available in 30-45 mins time while the traditional bumboat is available right away. We couldn't wait as we were going to Singapore Flyer after that so we just went with the bumboat instead, anyway we have not taken that before. 

The Bumboat Tour

I remember we went there on a weekday cause we are always avoiding the crowd. However it was quite crowded at that time, full of tourists. Business is good! 

You can hop on and off anytime on that day at any of the embarkation port. We took of at the port beside Central. For the details on the rates and location of the embarkation ports, you may want to see it here.

The view at night is just so awesome! However it is hard to take a clear picture as the boat is moving vigorously cause of the night wind. During the day, it would be very nice to take picture cause of the natural light, the sun! But then it would be so hot! 

So I chose to sit back, relax and chill. There was actually a group of businessman sitting at the back of the boat chilling for the night. Cool uh? After work remedy. 


It's really a very nice experience we had there. One thing to note is that, it is quite boring in between, I think mostly because the boat went very slowly and the night cool breeze. We didn't tour the whole journey. We alighted somewhere with bus stop towards Singapore Flyer. 

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