S.E.A Aquarium @ Resorts World Sentosa


S.E.A aquarium Singapore

Weee! The big aquarium! I am always s very "water element" person. What element are you? There are a total of 4 elements. Fire, Earth, Water and Air. I am more of a Water element. What element are you? 

Before deciding to go, my friend who had already went there warned us that they queued for very long during their visit, if I didn't remember wrongly, they queued for about 2 hours just to get into the S.E.A aquarium. They went there during a public holiday or weekend, I could not remember. 

So Ronan and I decided to go there on a weekday, in fact it was on a Monday so we supposed it would be better. There was quite a long queue at the ticketing booth outside of the Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium (MEMA). However after that, the human traffic was smooth throughout. 

Above is the ticket price to S.E.A A. Do note that the price ticket is inclusive of tickets to Typhoon Theatre ONLY during non peak period. During peak period it would be charged $10 per pax when you buy it online while on site rates would be based on the dye of visit, it may change without prior notice. 

The aquarium is located one level down from the entrance. Which also means you have to pass by the Museum and Typhoon Theatre and proceed down to the lower level to view the souvenir for the museum or to go to the aquarium straight. Read my short review on the Maritime Experiential Museum here.

The queue to enter to the aquarium is longgg! I thought we would be queueing for an hour. But we didn't! They control the crowd to go in in groups is so that it would not be so over crowded at one point that they would have difficulties taking nice pictures. It's all for our better experience ;) 

Once you have entered, you will see this underwater tunnel. The crowd is extreme here as it's the first stop where everyone stop for a photo taking session.

The crowd slowly dispersed as you go further. Some stayed longer to take picture in one part, another moved on to another part. You don't have to worry missing out any part as they designed the place like the snake ladder game. To the end of the game is just one route, but in between you can cut back to the previous area that you had been to. Like IKEA concept too. 

S.E.A aquarium Singapore
The first big aquarium that you will see. 

Right after taking the above picture, the worst news for a blogger, your camera died of low battery! We went in for a short 10 minutes, and the camera was dead! Oh dear.. Subsequently we had to use our phone. Luckily it turned out not so bad. 

S.E.A aquarium Singapore

S.E.A aquarium Singapore

After a while of walking, we were tired. All the excitement faded as all that we see was just fishes and more fishes. Probably some other sea creatures too. The problem is, there are way too many kinds of them. You can have a row of jellyfishes with different colours and slightly differ in shapes. We became tired. Our eyes just couldn't take it anymore cause to us, it all looks the same. 

As our excitement faded, we became bored and sleepy. Until we see this......

S.E.A aquarium Singapore

This picture is not very clear, but towards the end there is this gigantic aquarium that will make your eyes open real big! We were straight away awake! And we both really went "OMG". It was really magnificent. After all, it is known as the world largest aquarium right? A lot of people were sitting down beside the aquarium, observing the fishes and relax and chit chat. 


The whole experience is quite fun despite having the fact that we almost fell asleep after some time. It is way too big and you would be seeing almost the same thing (to me). Oh well, maybe I just don't know how to appreciate it?

But the closure was great though. I really love the sitting down observing the fishes part. It's fun to see the fishes swimming here and there catching one another. It's a great experience that you would not want to miss.

Of course, at the end of the day it is you yourself who will say whether or not it is nice to go there. It all depends on the mood and how open are you about this trip? Too high expectation can lead to disappointment. So what I would suggest is that, go there with an open heart, without thinking too much of other reviews.


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