Singapore Flyer, The Giant Wheel


The Giant Wheel!! Weeeee! That was my first time up there! All along I wanted to go up but then it's so expensive! Luckily they have student price! It's just that I didn't have the chance to go yet. Ever since Ronan and I got together, I kept telling him I want to go, but we didn't have the time to. Finally when he came back for holiday in March 2013 then we had the time to go. Better late than never! 

Calling out for Students!! Paying at only $15 from Monday to Sunday, Day or night! it's only not applicable during public holidays and block-out dates. All you have to do is to bring your original student ID along! 

There are promotions and special packages for special occasion. Initially it was all more to corporate events, dining and high tea, but now they are opening up to other areas such as solemnization, birthday party, etc. It would be really nice to have birthday party on top, eh? But then we would be only given two rounds (1 hour) for the party. Think it another way, there is nothing much to do on top anyway. So 1 hour should be more than enough. 

I remember the price for adult is $29.90 because we had this joke saying we are paying $1/minute for the Flyer. However I just went to their website and check for the price and this is the current price:

You may click here for the latest rates

So Ronan and I used our Student ID to get the Student promotion. Save $$$$. My very first trip, not his. And worst of all? His first trip was with his ex. *roll eyes* I know. But I just couldn't help to feel uneasy. My friend taught me one way which I think it helps a lot. The next time you are going somewhere that he and his ex went to before, ask him to say this into your eyes "I enjoy my time here with you better than the last time. I love you" Okay cheesy, I know. But that aside! 

So, before taking the "flight" that lasts you for 30 minutes, you will pass by this journey of dreams where it tells you all the history of how it began and all. There was totally no one other than the staffs. One couple walked pass us while we were taking pictures at the Journey of Dreams (which become our "same flight mates" for the next 30 minutes). 

It's here It's here!! SOOOOO EXCITED! There really weren't many people there. I mean really close to NO people. The couple was in front of us. We wanted to let them go first and we take the next one, but the attendant asked us to join them. Totally awkward, I tell you. It's like, if there were more people, it would still be better. This one is just you and them. The most awkward thing? Read on! 

The first 15 minutes of the flight, there was nothing much to take. Just normal buildings and lights. We were busy taking photo of ourselves. It was even more awkward because..... The other couple was actually quarrelling inside the capsule -.-" I know right... Why pick Flyer as the place to talk. Maybe they thought they could have the whole capsule themselves. I am really sorry, we wanted to leave you two alone, but the attendant wouldn't let us taking the next flight. 

So the first 15 minutes we were trying to take picture of ourselves by putting the camera at the corner and stuffs. No asking them to help us take, like duh! People are quarrelling and you expect them to help you take nice pictures of you and your bf? 

It was uneasy though. We couldn't really move from one end to another. Movement was somehow "restricted" because they were talking in the other end of the capsules. If you were in my shoe, are you going to tell them "Excuse me, do you mind changing place with us?" 

After the first 15 minutes passed, we can finally see the AWESOME view of the Marina Bay Sands. Of course, with great photographer (Ronan and I) hahahaha. 


It was a really nice experience! The fact that it was my first time there and I had been waiting for this of so long. It didn't disappoint me in anyway though, just the awkward moment with the other two couple. Have you been up there? How was your experience there? Any awkward moment like mine?

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