Universal Studios Singapore @ Resorts World Sentosa


Weee! It's not our first time to USS, but it's our first time to USS TOGETHER! I went there several times with friends and family. This time finally decided to go there again with Ronan. My sister and her family decided to join us as they were in Singapore on that day. So much fun and laughter with the kids along! 

The angry bird family! We are READY!

Family shot. Forgetting her eldest son, Brayden as he was on the pram. 

Future Hollywood dad? HAHAHA

Going around with toddlers are really really really difficult. When we were inside, it was time for their milk time and followed by afternoon nap. My poor sister had to make them sleep first. While they stop at a corner to make them sleep, Ronan and I took this chance to walk around first and we saw this! 

Breakdancing Boy a.k.a B-Boy!

I love to watch breakdancing! To me, B-Boys are just too amazing, they flip here and there so effortlessly and the performance always made me speechless! This particular team always perform in USS. Ronan said he saw them the last time he came too. After the performance, some photo taking time with the members! 

After a while later, Ronan suggested us to watch the "film in making" thing where they show you how the movie was credited and all. So we queued for it and a while after that, Brayden and Dallyce (son and daughter) didn't sleep at all in the end. 

Walking in to the making of film show!

Happy family? HAHHA

Dallyce so happy with uncle Ronan!

After the show was over, we walked towards the transformer side. Nika (our domestic helper) was trying to make Dallyce sleep but she just couldn't sleep as it was too noisy, while my sister was trying to make Brayden sleep. 

Taking this chance, Roan and I went to queue for Transformer! It was awesome! Although it was not our first time there, but we were still awed by it! When we come out, Brayden was asleep while Dallyce still awake and hyperactive! We asked my sister, brother in law and our domestic helper to go and queue for The Transformer while we look after the kids. It's easier as the naughtiest one (the son) was soundly asleep!

We then stopped at the food court in front of the mummy and waited for them there. It was harder than we had expected. Although Dallyce is naturally quiet so long as she is with someone she is comfortable with, she was still quite active that we didn't know what to do. 

Pairs of eyes were locked on us as we strolled in to the food court with 2 prams. I bet they were thinking, "This couple is so young!". Ronan decided to get the Briyani rice there as he was hungry. I was looking after Dallyce then. She needs something to play with to distract her. We let her play the water bottle, but she it kept dropping to the floor, making noise and more eyes staring. 

I started to get a little impatient here. It suddenly feel like infinity and I was wondering what took them so long. When Ronan was done eating, he volunteered to take over me and bring Dallyce out for a short walk. I could see that he was a little impatient too but then he didn't let it get over his head.

He played with her, entertain her and all. Not long after that, they came back.  I asked them to straight away queue for The Mummy instead since the waiting time was just 10 minutes. While they came out, Brayden woke up, just nice for them to go for the next destination while we queued for The Mummy. 

Before The Mummy

After queuing for The Mummy, we went to Far Far Away while my sister and the family went to watch water adventure thing, I couldn't remember the name. It was the very exciting show, with fire here and there and water splashing all over you if you sit somewhere in front. 

After we were both done with our own activities, we met again at the Jurassic Park for the boat riding. This time again, I asked sister, bro in law and Nika to go in and play first while we look after the kids. While waiting for them, Ronan, as attentive as always, look after Dallyce because Brayden will only listen to me, towards strangers he is very daring and naughty. In another words, he is scared of me la, in a way hahaha.

By the way, Dallyce is not someone who can sleep in any one's arms okay! She is very choosy, sometimes she doesn't even want me to carry her to sleep. She actually fell asleep in Ronan's arms! Okay, maybe she was really tired too. But I believe if it's someone else that she ddidnt like, she would have cried asking for Nika (who takes care of her and she is very glued to Nika!)

I present to you, the naughty big boss!

After the ride, we went our separate ways. I told them we were going for Transformers again hehehe. They wanted to slowly make their way out and take pictures along. 

To conclude for the day, it was really a tiresome day. We only look after them for a few hours and we are already feeling tired. I really can't imagine what will happen later on when I become a mom to my own children. My poor sister and brother in law. They would have paid for nothing if Ronan and I didn't take turn to look after their kids. 

Although we didn't help much, but they managed to try out the rides. Better than none, right? The Human and Cylon was closed. Actually it was closed for close to a month when we went there in August. 

However, overall it was fun. Ronan said that too. He said it's not that kind of fun which you get to go for all the attractions. It's that kind of fun which you feel fulfilling and fun because of the children. I agreed, so much! 

It was tiring, but then it was fun too because of the naughty big boss who made us laugh. Also because of the innocent Dallyce who just kept laughing for no reason. And when we see her laugh? We laughed too as she is too cute when she is laughing! Thank God Ronan is Ronan. I mean if Ronan is another guy, I bet the whole thing would be very different. 

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