Burmese Wedding and Bar one 4 (Yangon, Myanmar)


Inya Lake Hotel

Wedding!!! Ronan’s friend is getting married today and they invited me along. This is my very first Burmese wedding experience! The very first thing we need to do is to think of what to give to them. 

In Singapore culture, we only give money (there is even a table with the rates you should give for specific hotel, omg). I mean, in Indonesia we give money too, but there is no compulsory or specific amount that we have to give. We can give any amount as we like and even bring our spouse or partner and even the children. I believe in Singapore, if only your boyfriend is invited, that means only your boyfriend, you are not included. Even if you are married, if your husband was invited, if they don't write your name, you shouldn't go too.

Okay, I believe it’s all down to the reason that it’s very expensive to hold a wedding in Singapore. Not inviting the partner maybe is still acceptable. But expecting everyone to give you a certain amount so that you can off set the wedding expenses is just too much, isn't it? I mean, it's your choice to hold the wedding. It's your choice to set the amount of money you want to spend on your wedding.

If you can't afford much, don't lavish on a big and extravagant wedding and start to complain that the people attended didn't give enough to "cover". Wedding can be simple and blissful, it's all the matter of "face".

Anyway, that aside. In this Myanmar wedding, it's really very unique. Everyone gives home appliances instead of money! Ranging from small stuffs such as towel, bedsheets, blender to bigger items such as microwave, fridge and even TV! It's absolutely up to us, and there is no need to write names on the booklet to indicate which present they gave.

The wedding was held at the outdoor of the hotel. The decoration was really nice! I was so amazed by it. Every couple would have 2 wedding ceremony. One is the ceremony in the morning, where only family, extended family and your close friends attended. The number can go up to a few hundreds too.

The one in the morning is the traditional wedding ceremony, also held in the hotel. After the reception, a high tea buffet would be served in the ballroom for the guests. The other one is the night time wedding party. The one that I attended is the wedding dinner.

The Guests!

Live band of the famous singer in town!

The Beautiful Aisle

The Bride and the Groom!



The menu booklet.

Our dinner!

Us with the Bride and Groom! The one on the far left is one of the owners of Vista Bar (Yangon)

Bar One 4

Located among the "rich people's house" area (because all the houses there are HUGE), this is yet another hangout place for the youngsters in Yangon! This place provides drinks (like, duh!) and Sheesha! The place is not very big, probably a standard size of restaurant in the shopping mall in Singapore! But the place is comfortable and unique design!

Pretty Shweyi and Dmo couple

Sweet Joyce and Jinlong couple.

Gorgeous Khine and Jim couple!

The "till death do us apart" Soe Ko and Min Thant couple!

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