Chinatown Night Market, Featuring The Spectacular Human-Powered Ferris Wheel (Yangon, Myanmar)


So, as I had mentioned in my previous post, today is the Da Saung Gaing Festival. We went to their Chinatown for dinner and the night market!

There is this food that Ronan highly recommended to me at one of store in Chinatown. It's not those fancy restaurant, just normal old looking one. They were there ever since Ronan was very young and they are quite popular too! 

Ribs noodle with gravy

Omg, this is my favourite!! I LOVE THE RIBS! It is soooo tender and good! I swear you would love it too, I swear! I just couldn't get enough of it! Like always, Ronan ordered both the dry and the one with gravy ones for me to try. I prefer the one with gravy! 

Dry ribs noodle

Pork and rice

After tasting the ribs that is so tender that it can melt into ur mouth once you bite it, Ronan ordered this pork and rice for me to try. No words can describe!! How on earth can it be so good? Tell me how!? It's also as tender as the ribs!

Unlike other store's pork, which the sauce can only be tasted outside of the meat and once you bite it, it's completely dry and tasteless inside. This one, the sauce just penetrate throughout the meat! I can guarantee you that they cooked them for very long before serving us!

So, after eating, time for some exercise!! There is this whole stretch of main road in Chinatown was closed for the night because of the festival and turn it into a night market. Just like any other night market, they sell food, tidbits, clothing, accessories, toys, etc! Name it, and you have it! Of course, not to forget their most spectacular human-ferris wheel ride, operated MANUALLY, not by motor! You will seed what I mean!



You know what those are, I am sure. Apparently, they are loved by many in Myanmar!

Night Market FUN!

Inflatable castle for the young!

Human-powered Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Like I said earlier on, the ferris wheel was powered by human. Which is why they called, human ferris wheel! You see the guys in red standing there? They are the ones who make the ferris wheel spin by climbing up and down. I am not kidding. My camera battery was running low, therefore I couldn't take a video of it, but I found one in Youtube. Here you go:

The above video is exactly as what I saw with my own eyes, just different occasion!

The first 20 seconds, you can see that they were moving quite slowly so that the people can sit on the ferris wheel, I still think that was fine, I mean  not really okay, but it was still fine. And then next, you can see that they are actually climbing higher, waiting for the whistle, a command for them to start to use their body weight to move the ferris wheel in a much faster speed!

If you notice carefully, they had to jump down real fast and run to the side so that they would not be hit by the seats, one of them even stayed just below the seat to push the ferris wheel even more. The whole process is so heart pumping for me!

My mouth was widely open the entire process, and praying that not a single mishap would happen to them. It was so dangerous! They were like betting their lives on this job! I mean, if there was a slight mistake, that's it. I was wondering how can the people sit there so leisurely, letting the staffs risking their lives for their joy.. oh gosh.

The Human-powered Merry Go Round

Here is another thing that awed me. Everything was just so manual. In the pictures, you can see very clearly that the man was pulling a rope and goes in circle. This is how he managed to make it move without a motor. I told Ronan this at the end of our trip "I am glad I came and see all these. This is something that I would never forget."

Da Saung Gaing Festival is once a year, however, there are still other festivals in town that would have the night market at different locations depending on the festival. Try to visit during one of their festivals and experience the warmth as well as the feeling "back in time".

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