Christmas Party!


So, the Christmas that I thought would be boring as I didn't plan anything before hand, turned out to be AWESOME! One of my diploma friends texted me and asked me if I have any plans for Christmas, I said no, just staying at home. He suggested that we arranged a small gathering at my place, just eating and chilling and so I agreed!

On the 25th Dec, they came to my house and we were just playing around, eating and watching movie. Let the pictures do the talking ;)

This year Christmas was really amazing. Honestly speaking, normally during Christmas I will prepare something for my close friends and family. This year I didn't prepare anything at all and yet I still receive presents and cards from my friends. I feel so bad that I didn't even prepare Christmas card for them :( 

Of course, I will do something before the year ends. Something that's only between them and me. This might be a little too late, but better late than never :P hehehe Merry Christmas my dear readers! Thank you for the kind support all these while. I hope my blog is useful to all of you out there in any way! I love you all <3 

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