Da Saung Gaing Festival (Ka Htain Donation) Yangon, Myanmar


Ka Htain Donation

This trip to Yangon, I was really lucky to clash with one of their festival called Da Saung Gaing festival! In this festival, every family would donate Ka Htain to the designated monastery. Ka Htain is the name of the above products that they are going to donate. You can donate anything, I mean really anything! According to the family's condition, they donate different kind of items, and of course, the items that they can afford. 

Dmo's (Ronan's childhood friend) family did a donation drive too. Other than donating Ka Htain, they also asked their family, friends and relatives to the monastery they are donating the Ka Htain to for buffet lunch that they had prepared.

This was given to me for good luck!

A closer look to the Ka Htain.


Dmo and Shweyi

It was really such a blessing for me to be able to attend the donation drive. Thank you Dmo and Shweyi for having me there! It was really an eye opener for me.

This couple, no matter from which angle I take or how candid it was, it always turned out so good!

The guys!

Oh, I guessed all of you had noticed that even the guys are wearing the "wrap skirt" kind of wear. It is called Pasoe (for guys) and Longyi (for girls) in Burmese, or what we known as Sarong in Malay tradition. 

Dmo and Shweyi

When I just landed 2 days ago, I noticed the crowded streets and I stumbled upon some streets displaying the Ka Htain too! Here are some pictures of Ka Htain that I stumbled upon from other places!

This is from YKKO, my favourite stall for dry beehoon! Had this right after I had landed!

So here is what happen. Ronan and I was on our way out for lunch and on the way we saw this. Ronan told me that, the people from the vicinity had come together for this parade to showcase their donation before donating to the monastery. There would be loud music, people dancing along and FUN. 

Every family, services and retails would do this. Ronan is working for a bank and his bank did the same thing too. For them, they put the donations on to the truck and go around the Shwedagon Pagoda to worship it to the God and then proceed to the monastery. Beautiful, no?

A whole street of them! 

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