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So, here it is.. The special post to wrap up my 2013 as well as my resolution for 2014.

If I have only one word to describe 2013, that would be growth. Yes, 2013 was all about me growing up. Not the growing up as in taller, bigger and older.. But growing up as in learning a lot of things this year and prepare myself for 2014.

A lot of things had happened to me in this 2013. In the first quarter of 2013, I started my degree life. The life that I never thought I would be doing because of some matters. I couldn't believe that it's almost a year that I am in there. No doubt that I do learn a lot of things about business during my time there, but there is something that I learnt that has nothing got to do with business. And that is friendship.

All of my friends that I knew from diploma life are taking different major and therefore, different classes and timing. Finding true friends in university life is hard, especially I am one of the "exempted students". Because of my diploma studies, I was exempted for the first year of the degree life. Most of them are friends from last year and thus most of them are already in groups. Only left those bits who never thought of being real friends, just do school work together and that's it.

Second quarter of 2013, I experienced something that I believe people at my age wouldn't have the chance to experience. I invested a little to join shares in one small company and experience a lot of things. Although in the end we all agreed to give it a halt, but it was really a great eye opener for me to the real working world.

In the third quarter, I visited Myanmar for the very first time. The mysterious country that had just opened up to the world not long ago. I had hands on experience with their culture and humble life style. Myanmar is not like what I thought it is. It is a really beautiful country with a lot of cultures still in tact and vivid.

Also, I met two friends whom I considered them friends in my school. Well, at least from my side, I take them as friends hahaha. They are really two great friends that I think I had owed a lot. I was playful and not serious enough. Sigh.. Anyway, that's part of the reason I said about me growing. I see how serious they take this degree. To them, they want to faster get it over and done with. They don't like to study too, but when it comes to study and do work, they were never playful. Thanks to them, I kind of reflected on myself.. I am gona be different in 2014, that I promise to myself.

I also started to do volunteering during my free time. I used to volunteer here and there when I was in my secondary school. I thought it was time for me to go back like how it used to be and I think I made the right choice.

In the last quarter, also the troughs of my 2013. I learnt to care a little less and take thing super easy and always believe that, when something is meant to be, it is meant to be. No matter how much I want or how much I try to prevent something from happening, if it's meant to happen, it's meant to happen. No point worrying things that have yet to happen and might not happen. If it happen in the future, then be it.

I learnt the importance of friends. Through all the ups and downs, those friends that still stick together with you, they are your real friends. As we grow up, we stop finding a lot of friends, we just need a few of the real ones. Life is much easier like that, with all the dramas exempted cause u get none of them from your real friends.

I visited Myanmar for the second time, this time round I visited a lot of amazing places in the nearby cities. As you can see that I am slowly posting up the posts. I promise, the amazing ones are coming out soon. This trip I felt so carefree and so small. I told myself, this is why I have been loving to travel and one of my dreams, like many others out there, is to travel around the world.

A week before Christmas, I experienced the trough of my 2013. I even have the idea to go somewhere alone, somewhere where I can free myself from everything, somewhere that I can only think about me and myself. Of course it didn't happen. There is no where I can hide from all the problems, there is no way that I can do what I was thinking.

Did you watch the movie Frozen? Most of you have watched, I supposed. Go and  watch it if you haven't, it's a great movie from Disney. The movie was very touching, and the song.. I can't describe how well the song described my feelings back then.. The song was so powerful that I teared when I listened to it.

This is the main theme song titled "Let It Go". The version that I shared was performed by Indina Menzel. There is one official one performed by Demi Levato. I don't know why, maybe because when I first heart this song was during the movie, therefore I felt that this movie version is better. Some of you might prefer Demi's version too. 

The song was so deep with feelings.. You gotta watch the movie to understand it, to feel what I am feeling now. It came just in time during my most down period to pull me back up.. Believe it or not, this song gave me strength.. This song is part of the reasons that I am brave enough o stand back up in such a short time (of course, also because of my friends). I am glad that I am going to end 2013 with a good note and good feeling.

My 2014 Resolution

So, I know that all along, I never really take my every year resolution very seriously. Every time I will just talk and forget them in between.  This time round I am not sure why but I am pretty serious and determine. So, here they are:

1. I am going to slim down. Healthy way! Yes, the serious kind of slim down, no longer 2 kg slimmed, and 2 kg gained the next few days. I am tired of feeling insecure of myself. I am always lack of confidence. Most importantly, I am really really really tired of not being able to buy the dresses that I love. They are either free size, or sleeveless.

2. I am getting real serious in my studies. Honestly speaking, I had been really playful. Time to get serious, no more time to play. Time to think about my future, rather than just complaining away. 

3. I am going to do overseas volunteering. As I had mentioned, I started to do volunteering here. The next thing I want to happen in 2014 is to volunteer overseas. It would be very tough because my parents are very protective towards me, but I will make it happen. I will. It will also fulfil my next resolution, which is 4. To travel somewhere alone at least once.

5. 2014 would be all about Me, Myself and I. This does not mean that I don't care about anyone else. I just want to make myself as priority. 2014 would be the most important time of the year. It is my last war in uni life before getting in to the workforce. 

Yeah, those are my 5 resolutions of the year. I really hope I can fulfil each one of them. If you want to say those are simple, actually they are not very simple. However, they are not classified as hard too.

Have you list out your 2014 resolution? If you haven't, why not start doing now? Limit yourself to just 5-8 of them because when there are too many, you tend to forget. So just list down a few of the important ones and remind yourself every now and then about it. Let's fight for our resolution for 2014 together, ok? Hwaighting! 

Last but not least HAPPY NEA YEAR! I sincerely hope that 2014 would be a brand new start for EVERYONE of us and that it will be an awesome year for all. If your 2013 wasn't that good, I hope 2014 would be better. If your 2013 was already awesome, I hope 2014 would be EVEN MORE AWESOME! 

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