The Meet and Greet session! (Yangon, Myanmar)


His pals! I personally knew them for as long as I know Ronan too!
Meet and greet session at night! Reached there in the afternoon and I fell sick. I took a rest in the afternoon to recharge myself for the night activity! The night was still young, so we decided to go to Ajihsin for some Sake! 

Ajishin Japanese Restaurant

We ordered sake and a few small dishes as sides. 


Just Jim with his Colgate smile!

It was my first time tasting sake and it was really awesome! Jim then ordered Sapporo and asked us to try Sakebomb. It’s ike Jagerbomb, but we change Jagermaister to Sake and redbull to Sapporo (not any other beer! Only Sapporo). The taste was even more awesome!!

It’s the smoothest ever and you wont feel bloated about the beer. You gotta drink it real slow. The kick will really hit you very fast! I felt it! The kick for a glass of that can be compared to about 3-4 shots. Not kidding!

Jim, the bartender! Hehehe

Our "Sake-bomb"

This Japanese restaurant is said to be one of the best in Yangon. True enough though, the food is up to standard. The sashimi wasn't very fresh, but it's of the same standard as most Singapore Japanese restaurant's sashimi. Price wise it's kinda pricey, in a way. I mean, if you convert it into Sgd, it is considered standard price. But if you considered the fact that with that amount of money, you can eat hell lots of food in Myanmar, then it's considered pricey.

Escape Gastro Bar

This bar is where Ronan and friends always hang out. We reached there about 9 pm local time and it was already full house.  There are several tables left but it was all reserved. At 10 pm, all the tables were full of people.

The bar here is very different from the bar I had been in Singapore. There is only loud music here. No too much disco lights and standing bar. Just normal restaurant looking bar with dim lights and loud music. I bet if you passed by there during the day, you will think that it’s just a normal restaurant.

With Pretty Shweyi, Ronan best brother's fiancee! They had been together for 10 years and finally tying the knot next year! 

Mojo Bar

Not long after, we continued to Mojo bar to join Jim’s gf there. The management of the bar was recently changed to Indochine. In another words, they bought over the place. The second floor was under renovation thus only left the first floor, which I think is very small. It could fit for about 30 pax?

We stayed there a little while and we went home. The place is nice for a chill out but I felt that it was too small. Maybe it would be better when the second floor. I didn't get to take pictures as we stayed there for a while only. 

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