The Holiday Ain't Over Yet!!


I know, now is the time when everybody is back at school, work place, etc! Not for me! I have 3 classes next week but right after that, I have a holiday all the way till 3rd of Feb.

Recently my mood have not been good. AGAIN!? Yes. I guess I am just thinking too much and somehow it leads to unnecessary worries. I was not doing anything at all for the past week. I refused to do anything. I just keep watching drama and more dramas.

I met up with old friends though and somehow it made me feel so much better. Just being able to see them, I know that these are the people who would always be there for me. I am so loved!

That aside, knowing that I have such a long holiday, I start to think of what to do. Suddenly, here comes the thought of going to Bali. That's the only place that I can go no matter how last minute it is because I don't need visa, I don't have to worry about accommodation since I will be staying at my aunt's place and most importantly, I don't have to ask around and see if anyone is going with me cause I can go ALONE!

So I went to research for the tickets and just so nice that Airasia was having promotion! Two way tickets, all in (excl baggage) was only $98!! Tempting? YES! Being a good daughter, I whtsapp my dad right away to ask for permission from them. Dad didn't reply as he was too busy outside. Mom called me and I told her about the plan, her first reaction EN-OH "NO". 

She explained to me that it was end of the year (for lunar calendar) therefore try not to go anywhere, plus I had just come back from Myanmar less than 2 months ago and now I am travelling again (I knew she was going to bring this up). But the ticket is cheap!! still no. She said my dad would not be happy too if he knew about this plan. Disappointed, of course.

5 mins aft that, my dad called me and asked me "When do you plan to go?". Obviously he wasn't at home when I talked to my mom. So I replied him saying "the queen asked me not to go and also told me that you will be angry if I said I am travelling again." One simple reply then he hang up the call "Oh, okay, I will talk to her."

WHUTT?? DOES THAT MEAN I CAN GO? For a moment I see a glimpse of HOPE! However I dare not pin too much hope as I don't want to be disappointed anymore. Not long after, my sister whtsapp me and tell me I could go if I want to. Dad talked to mom already. Just make sure that I come back a week before CNY. OH YES BABY!! One week is all I need for a sweet retreat!

So I quickly made my booking before the promo ends! I am leaving on the 17th and coming back on the 23rd. OH-EM-GY, am I dreaming?? You must be wondering if it's my first time going to Bali cause of the excitement hahaha. Nope, I had been there a few times already, but a sweet retreat now is too good to be true. It's exactly what I need!!

So, here is my motivation to finish up all the post from my Myanmar trip!!

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