Why Beautiful Women Who Want Commitment will Never be Asked on a Real Date but A Stripper will?


I stumbled upon this article while scrolling through my Facebook feed. The title just strucked me and I just have to read it.

Why Beautiful Women Who Want Commitment will Never be Asked on a Real Date but A Stripper will?

You girls are wondering too, right? Honestly speaking, I had NEVER been asked on a REAL date. By real date, I mean those that's written in the article. Well, I think I can classify myself as one of the independent ones. No, I do crave for attention, especially those that I love dearly. I mean independent as in I don't need them to pay for me, I don't need them to pamper me with whatever stuffs that can be bought with money.

I prefer going on dutch, unless the other party is working and have their own stable income. Otherwise, c'mon. It's not cool to treat me using your parents money. I, myself is not someone who will constantly ask for money from my parents. They give me a certain amount each month and that's it. Even if I don't have enough or I might need extra for textbooks and all, I don't ask for it.

In my dictionary, they are not obliged to give me more than what they already have. They gave me enough by sending me overseas to study and pay for the school fees. And I believe more than anything else that what they had given me is enough for me to live. I believe there are people out there who have the same amount with me BUT feeding 3-4 mouths.

I know to them, a few hundreds more won't hurt. But to me it's not about the amount. It's about the responsibility. If I chose to have fun outside, and at the end of the day I don't have enough money to spend during the last week of the month, I have to bear the consequences myself. They are not oblige to give me more, because by raising me up till this day and giving me the best that they have, is more than what I deserve.

That aside. You can read the full article HERE. It's quite a lengthy article, but trust me, you would regret not reading. I took out a few paragraphs and explain about how I felt upon reading. The one in pink is extracted from the article. Happy reading :)

I believe we should be treated right, like a lady. Otherwise, why do you think our dads treat us like a princess and protect us so dearly? so that you could tamper on?

 “See, diamonds are pursued, because their worth is clearly valued and treasured. You are treating her to a date, because she is DESERVING. If you spoil her with consistency and attention, she will spoil you with love and loyalty. Sure a promiscuous female may sleep with you on the first date, but a mentally mature woman knows; you don’t deserve to lay with her, if you’re not willing to take her out on a date and prove to her why you deserve any of her time."

So, ladies out there. You know that you deserve someone who will fight for you, and do everything it takes just to get your attention. Don't settle for less. If he is not going to fight for you in the early stage, note that he won't either when you two have settled down. 

"When I’m on a date with a Woman, I like to make her laugh; see her cheese and smile hard. I like to hold her hand and hug her close, so I can feel her heart beat through her chest and onto mine. I like to look her in her eyes the whole time we deeply converse and wax sarcasm. Little things like that make taking a woman out on a date so special. You may think that’s corny, but women prefer a corny man over an arrogant asshole who is too afraid to bring her a bouquet of flowers, because he doesn’t want to be called ‘corny’ by his male friends."

Honey, let me tell you, that paragraph up there strucked me so hard. If he is scared to be called corny by his male friends or scared to be labelled as "not cool", then you know very well this man doesn't deserve even a minute of our time. We need a man who dares to be himself and express himself. Those who are still under effect of "peer pressure" are boys.

A real man will do what he thinks is right no matter what others say. A real man will fight for you and win the battle because he knows that he can't let others have something as beautiful as you. A real woman like you, deserves a real man like him! 

Tell a woman on the first date, ‘Sweetheart, just as clear as I can see my reflection in your deep brown eyes, I can clearly see you are deserving of commitment and faithfulness from the man of your dreams. I want to get to know you to see how compatible I am with you, in efforts of pursuing a possible relationship with you in the near future. I understand this may take time, however, I intend to take you out on dates consistently and court you, affording you the ability to clearly see for yourself if I’m worthy of your commitment.’

Did you just go "Awwwww..." after reading it? I did! Isn't it sweet having a guy courting you like this? Every woman is young at heart. That goes to say, we love courtship. It's old fashioned, but we love it. No matter how strong a woman looks, she would melt for it (as long as you do things right). As much as I am fine alone and free, honestly speaking, I do crave for that kind of courtship feels. It makes one feel so loved and cherished. 

Some guys just didnt make it clear ont the first date. I don't know if you will believe this, but I am someone who can totally "turn off" my feelings towards ANYONE. as in feelings in terms of relationship. And when I totally turn my feelings off, no matter how good the person is to me, it's just merely as friends to me. And when things get serious, I was like "I didnt even know you were courting on me!"

I get scared. I really do. Especially when I thought the person is just being nice, like real nice. My friend told me "Do you think he is so free? be nice all the time to everyone?" but... whatever. Bottom line. Make it known so that we can be mentally prepared. Otherwise you will only scare us away. 

But then again, I would rather be alone now than in a wrong relationship  I know that one day, my man would come along and say hi to me. By then, I would tell him about all the adventures that I had been in from now till the day I meet him. I would tell him about how I wished everyday that I could see him on that very day.

In exchange, he is going to tell me his too. About what he had been doing whilst we were searching for each other. When the stories ended, we would create a new story together. A story that only we shared, just the two of us. Sounds cheesy, eh? hehehehe.

If you really like her, walk into her job and surprise her with flowers. There’s a 1800Flowers app right in your phone. Show up to her job during her lunch break with her favorite flowers in hand and say, ‘Good afternoon gorgeous, these are for you. Now, grab your coat and your cell phone from the charger; I’m taking you out for lunch today. What time are you taking your lunch?’ 

Yes, surprises! We LOVE surprises. And you know what? A man who leads us is the manliest man ever. Full stop. 

If you see a woman is caring, loyal and deserving; let your spoil adorn her. A grown woman with her own money, should not always have to spend her own money. Make her call off work, but give her what she would have made that day at work, and then some. Then, surprise her with a trip to a snorkeling resort with a spa, mani/pedi treatment, so you she can enjoy spontaneous entertainment that day, before you treat her to a live jazz show that night.
Women are not gold diggers, a weak-minded female who lacks self ambition may be a gold digger, but an ambitious woman is not. Regardless, a woman’s pockets should never affect how much you spoil her with. She can make good money; still spoil the hell out of her, and when she wants to do something special for you, she will spoil the hell out of you; but you’re not doing it so she will sleep with you or commit to you. A woman knows whether or not she will ever sleep with a man, commit to a man, or if she will never give a man a second date based off how you behave on the first.
To be able to be spoilt in terms of money value like what mentioned above would be nice. But remember, it doesn't have to be expensive. For me, I prefer handmade stuffs and adventurous activities. I would melt to the core receiving something that is handmade by a guy. A simple hand written notes or cards are all it takes. And just who says you have to spend a bomb to have fun? I have lists that goes on and on about the best adventurous dates you could ever have that doesnt cost a bomb! 
Text etiquette means everything to a woman of the twenty-first century. Even if she has a major crush on you, she still wants you to text her first. Loyal women are old-fashioned; they love to be pursued. 

Again, hit on. I might have a major crush on you, but I will refrain from texting you all the time. You know, it's not that it aint cool for girls to text first, it's just that, you know... I am not sure how to put it in the correct words. We just want your attention. If you won't text us unless we text you first, we might feel that you don't feel the same. Thus, we would just give up. 

When you take a woman on a date, or spend time with her in any way, she should have your full undivided attention. Not half your attention on her, half your attention of every notification that pops up on your cell phone. Your phone should not even be visible when you and her are spending one on one time; that is her time. You’re on a date with her, not your phone. 

This is so dam hard, isn't it? especially in today's era. You can get everything done with just a click away from your phone. I have to admit that I myself would check on the phone. BUT, if I am going out with someone that I like, I would put that away, and really really have some great time with him. I will only pick it up if the other party pick it up first. 

When I picked her up from her house in East Oakland, I greeted her with Tiger Lilies and a box of chocolate dipped strawberries I made for her, to share my love of cooking with her. Giving a woman flowers and chocolate is not corny, it’s considerate; and that chivalrous behavior is what women look for in a man.

Yes, pamper us with flowers during normal days. Flowers are only expensive during V day. You know, supply and demand thing. Surprise us with even just a stalk of flowers would be more than enough to make our day. Well, maybe not everyday, but once a while, when we were least expected it. We will be soooo into you. 


Make it official with her, and once you do; be all in. Don’t lie, cheat or talk to women on the side. Don’t make her your ‘main’, or your ‘number one’; cut off all your self-proclaimed side hoes & make her your ONE & ONLY. 

Show her off; make her feel special in front of her friends. Kiss her and tell her you love her in front of your bros; don’t switch up & treat her differently in front of your friends. Don’t hide your relationship with her. Compliment her everyday, let her know how much better she makes your life. Make her smile & happy all throughout the day; never make her sad, frustrated or feel she has no one to talk or vent to. Be the one she can talk to about her problems, listen & give solutions to her; speak life into her heart, so it vibrates through her whole body to the point she feels you give her life.

Show us off. It makes us feel secure and safe with you. I have a friend who keeps showing off his girlfriend in front of us. He would pick up her call and say "Yes baby?" loudly in front of us. He didnt even have to say it softly nor walk away. He would end the conversation with "Okay baby. I love you, muacks." He isn't scared of what others would think of it. He did it cause he wants to and of course, cause he loves her. He doesn't look corny at all. In fact, he looks like a real man with all those actions. I can say, he is really a husband material. 

We have to wake up & come to the cognitive realization that proving our manhood to other males by disrespecting women over and over, cheating on women over and over, and entertaining the company of multiple women over and over is the definition of insanity. What proves our manhood is how much we can humble ourselves to the one who gives us all life, a woman.”
Yes, guys, It certainly aint cool to disrespect a woman over and over again. Cheating is not cool either. Some guys sees cheating as a challenge. They feel good when they cheat and didnt get discovered. Aren't you ashamed at all? seriously? To a woman who love you deeply and loyal to you? You have any idea that someone else out there might be wishing that they were given a chance to be with her? And you, right here, taking her for granted, treating her like shit. 

If you are so unhappy being single, you can’t enjoy your life and feel as though you “need a man”, you are not ready and fully healed for a serious relationship. Start loving your true self and stop trying to find a man. You will never need to find a man, the man you deserve will find YOU. I never seen a diamond have to find a man who can treasure it’s value and appreciate its worth. Good women are diamonds in that regard, but even a diamond must know its own worth and what it deserves; commitment.
This is what I keep telling myself too. I don't have to find him. Meanwhile before he reaches to me, I will take a good care of myself. I will love myself and make myself better and better each day. Because he deserves the best of me, as much as I deserve him, the real man. 

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