Acacia Tea Salon (Yangon, Myanmar)


Acacia Tea Salon
This is my favourite place!! It's totally my dream-cafe alike! omg. I bet you all will love this too! 

Acacia is located in on of the stretch houses by the main road. Once you enter the house compound, the glass house on the left would definitely catch your attention! Straight in front is just a white building of a normal landed property that you would see anywhere, but definitely not the interior ;)

Glass house:

Acacia Tea Salon
Glass house

Acacia Tea Salon

Wide range of choices of bread!

Inside the glass house, they sell types of bread, cakes and other tea time snacks. There are a few tables and chairs available in the glass house as well. It is like a mini version of Coffee Club @ Raffles Place. Have you been there? 

Ronan suggested that we take our order there and sit inside instead as he wanted to show me around. I forgot to take the counter full of bread and cakes! How clumsy :/ Fret not, go to their main website, you can see more pictures there!

Inside the house:

The interior is exactly like a normal house. The first floor consists of living room (which they transform into another dessert counter), a study room (which they put a small table and a few chairs just enough for you and your friends to have girls talk!), A dining room which they transformed into an area for a large group of people (the table in this room can sit up to 12 people. It's a long rectangular wooden table)

The second floor consist of another living room and a few other rooms. I took more pictures on second level as there was no people up there and we sat there for our tea time.

Room 1. This room is what they called Moroccan room. 
Very Morocco style, isn't it! 
Acacia Tea Salon
This was my first visit in May 2013

I went there again during my second visit to Yangon in 2014 with my awesome Burmese pals and we took this room to ourselves! 

Room 2. The one that I occupied on my first visit!

Living room on the second floor.


Acacia Tea Salon

I would DEFINITELY go back to Acacia again! it's too pretty. I had this dream to open my own cafe. Acacia is definitely a live version of what i wanted it to be like! Chilling and pretty to let my customers have the home sweet home feeling when they are in my cafe.

The feeling i get when i am inside is sooo good. Life is good! hahaha. It was really enjoying! The whole trip to Yangon was very enjoying and relaxing!

Pretty toilet! 

Acacia Tea Salon
One of the seat for two by the window.

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