Back, stronger than ever :)


Hello my dear readers, if you all still around? It's been some time since I last update on this blog!! It's my bad. I will try every possible way to get ya all back reading my blog ok? A giveaway after a few more posts up, maybe?

It was a rough start of 2014, but everything is good now. In fact, it got much better and I didn't thought it was possible back in February and March.

Updates on my personal life

Some of you might think this is not something to be said in the public, but I am totally fine with it. For some of  you who had been reading my past posts, you know that I was attached to Ronan, and we were in LDR. yes, I was. That said, we broke up 2 months ago, about end of January.
We had decided to put the LDR to a stop. People often say, distance is not a problem when two hearts are really fond of each other. Easier said than done. Distance does pose a problem, a big big problem, in fact. Well, at least to us. 

We lost to distance. We surrendered. We gave up. We lost us. All the obstacles that we had been through, is now down to drain. It's not alright. But we had to accept that. 

It was very difficult for both of us, as we knew that it's not the love that is not present. But our love lost the battle to distance. A lot of things happened in between, of course, that made us making this decision. 

I had grown so much after he had let go of me. I came to understand that, love alone is not everything. There are so many aspects to look at. I had also come to realised that I had been neglecting myself so much. I was the kind that, once I had decided to love, I would love with my all. Which is not good, in a way. 

This relationship had taught me a lot. Ronan always taught me to be independent, he wouldn't spoon feed me with anything. He will teach me, so that the next time I could do it myself. He loved me with his all, as much as I had loved him. All that we had was real, and I accept that. I learnt to let go sincerely when things couldn't work out. 

I can only say I had the best of 2 years when I was with him. It was wonderful and adventurous. It was painful and beautiful. It was simple and yet remarkable. I believe that everything happened for a reason. There is no relationship that is perfect. We do quarrel and fight in disagreement. I believe this relationship had taught us a lot, to prepare us to be a better partner for the next one that is coming along. 

It wasn't easy for me at first. It was very hard, because I wasn't ready to let go. I wasn't ready to give up. I wasn't ready to lose him. But it had to be done. And I am very thankful to my family and friends who were really there for me by my side. More of my friends, actually, because they are all I could depend on as my family wasn't here with me physically. 

I had seen so my true friends that sticked around and making every effort to make me feel better. They travelled all the way to my house to accompany me when I don't feel like going out, and also keep making plans to go out with me so that I could feel alive again asap. All the words of advice, all the tight hugs, all the midnight talks, all the pat on the back, all the ears-ready, all the wiping off tears, I thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart. 

I couldn't see that I can become better. I thought I would never be the same again, but I was wrong. They made me realised, there are so many people who care and love me, so why do I have to feel not loved? There wasn't any reason for me to be brooding over it again and again. You can't laugh at the same joke again and again, so why cry and feeling sad over the same thing again and again?

This explain my title for this post, "Back, stronger than ever".  How have you guys been doing? Is 2014 treating you good so far? We've come to the second quarter of the year already, time certainly flies. 

I always thought my page views would hit all time low due to the hiatus.  But I was so surprised to see that the traffic to my page actually increases each day! This made me want to come back so badly. a few days ago a friend of mine came to me and say "Hey Reni, I wanted to go Adventure Cove with my girlfriend. Then when I searched on google, your post came up!" I was like "REALLY?" 

So!! I am back! bringing more informative posts to you guys!! Love ya all and thank you for the support!


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