Hello Kitty Bubbly World


Yayyy! Hello Kitty is 40! This year's theme is Hello Kitty Bubbly World where Hello Kitty dress up as her friends and shaped like a balloon! McDonald's Singapore is the first in the world to release this Bubbly World collection!

Full set is available online. I saw some posts saying that it was sold out a few hours after it was launch online? I just purchased it online last night and I managed to get it. I guess it was just high traffic and they closed for a little while to cool down the site.

I am scared that I might not able to get the other designs due to exams and holidays, so I just purchased one set online to be safe. But I still went down to queue for spare. And the queue wasn't long, so I went with it. If the queue was long, I would just skip it.

Kinda happy with how McDonald's Sg had learnt from the past year awful experience and serving us better this year (so far for the first week of the promotion). But anyway, rather than releasing it as early as 00:00, they have now set the time to 11am onwards, every Monday.

I think this is so much better. Students would be having class and adults would be working. This crowd control method is really working. There is also a possibility that lots of people are still clueless over this promotion. But I do hope it will not get worst like last year. I went to queue at 10.45, only have a handful of them in front of me. Most of them are parents, obviously queueing up for the children.

This promotion is also not available via Drive-Thru, McCafe or McDelivery. I believe last year was a complete mess when the promotion was valid even for Drive-Thru and McDelivery. Conflicts appeared because of this. Bad experience.

Did you know?
That if you just want the Hello Kitty, you can pledge your meals to the charity! The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF) is collaborating with McDonald's to make this possible. McDonald's is doing its part for the charity at its best! Last year a lot of food wastage because people just want to get the as many Hello Kitty as they could.

How it work:
1. Us as the buyer, to indicate to the counter staff that we want to donate the meals to the charity. They will understand. e.g. You bought 4 meals but you just want the 2 meals, so you just tell them the 2 meals of your choice and indicate to them that you want to donate the other 2 meals to the charity.

2. All the donated meals would be capped at $5 each.

3. They will be distributed to the lower income families whose children are beneficiaries of SPMF in the form of McDonald's meal voucher after the end of the promotion.

4. And the kids got their meals! They are happy, we are happy! I am truly truly truly happy for this collaboration!!

Monday, 28th April 2014

This week is Kerokerokeroppi!! Got mine with much ease thanks to the new collection system. 

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