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EXAMS ARE OVER!! You know that feeling that you just wana jump around to literal show how happy you are?? That's what I did when we were out of the school compound! Hahahaha

Anyway, My friends and I went out for the day right after our paper. When we went to Cineleisure to buy tickets for our movie, we were attracted by this booth for NetsFlashPay located at the entrance of Cineleisure itself. One of the girls then approached us and explain about the card.

(Picture taken from their official website)

So, I know about NetsFlashPay, it's been around for quite some time but I didnt think it was useful until they have this marketing campaign called "You Only Need One"

The girl went on saying that we could get the free card simply by filling up the particulars and follow them on Instagram. The promotions made me couldn't resist the temptation not to get it!!

- 1 for 1 movie at the Cathay Cineplex, any day, any movie, even public holidays.
- 1 for 1 Starbucks Cafe Latte (you can change to other drinks by simply topping up the difference of the price)
- 1 for 1 Ben & Jerry Cone!!

AND MANY MOREEEE you can visit their webpage here to see the lists. I hope they will have more promotions coming up!! You just have to pay with the flash pay card!!!! It acts as normal Ez link card too! They give you no reason for not having it!

And guess what, the girl told us that if we were able to spend above $20, we get to do the "Lucky dip" that is sure win. There are USS tickets and some other attractions tickets! We did spend over that amount using the card, but we forgot to go for the lucky draw :(

Anyway, the card was really useful for us!! We enjoyed the 1 for 1 movie and the Starbucks 1 for 1 drink! Happy us cause exams are over and we get to enjoy so many privileges from the card that helps us to save money!!!

Happy pockets = Happy friends!

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