Making a Difference! Project: Stop Bed Bugs


it's 1st of June! How was your May? My May was truly amazing to me! Exams were over, had a short getaway to Batam with my mates and afterwards I met so many new friends who share the same hobby as me on the last day of May! 

I knew this stop bed bugs project from a friend of mine and decided to join! I fell sick two days before the project and initially thinking of missing the project as I didnt want to bring trouble to the fellow volunteers. I was supposed to help, not making them help me in the end hahaha.

Anyway I was feeling okay. No more fever, just cough and flu, so i thought I should just go with it. And I am glad I did, really really glad and thankful that I went in the end. This whole project is for the elderly who stays alone in their one room flat, to help them improve the environment they are living in. 

What we are supposed to do:
- Dispose unwanted items,
- Move the furnitures so that the bugs controller people can spray the chemical with ease,
- Covering up the furnitures,
- Bring the elderly down to the NTUC Silver Ace centre
- Play boardgames with them while the fumigation process took place
- Clean up the house thoroughly so that they can have a clean and fresh home to stay. 

Sounded so simple, isn't it? Well, only those who attended the project actually know what it was like. We were briefed before executing the project. We were also given protection suit to protect ourselves (golden rule: protect yourself before helping others. It's not a selfish act. Do you think you can do a good job protecting and helping others if you can't even protect yourself?)

Us all geared up and ready!

To respect and protect our residents, we didnt take a picture of the condition of the house that they live in. We also did not take any picture or videos during the process because we did not do this to impress the world, we did not join the project so that we could appear on TV, we did not sacrifice our Saturday to show others how noble we are. 

We are simply a group of people who find love and joy in giving, satisfaction in helping and happiness in seeing the smiles of others. 

Us 2nd round of cleaning! This time after fumigation took place!

Before starting this post, I wanted to describe words in words the process, the problems we faced, the things we saw and the condition of the house. Now as I am typing this, I don't see the details as necessary anymore. What matter now is the process, how we enjoyed during the whole process no matter how tired we got at the end of the day and the valuable lesson we learnt from this experience. 

So, just a summary, maybe? I have volunteered in elderly homes before and so communication wasn't of any problem to me at all, adding the fact that I speak dialects as well. Growing up in a three-generation environment, I kinda know how to "deal" with them. 

Somehow during the debrief we learnt that the unit that's under my team was the toughest amongst all. The IC then told me that the auntie that was under my care actually doesn't even listen to him and she's very stubborn, so he was quite surprised that she get along with me and actually listen to me better.

Oh, and the auntie kept introducing me to her neighbours, other ICs and volunteer as her "step mother". Wooooo, I have a "step daughter" at such a young age! Hahahahaha. My fellow friends know why. You wana know why too? Join me on the next project LOL and you will be surprise to see that side of me. 

The day went well, we were happy that we made a difference. Only regret I have is that, we didnt exactly finished up all the unpacking. We packed most of their stuffs in a big transparent bag, and when we unpacked, the auntie insisted that she wanted to do it herself. 

I tried to use my tactic to persuade her, but she was quite firm. We decided to just respect her decision, and also respect the fellow volunteers time as well. 

At the end of the day, #selfie time!

With part of the volunteers from NTUCaretalyst

At night as I lay down on my bed after a long and tiring but fruitful day, I started to feel more thankful than before about all the things that I have. A roof over my head, a working fridge that can store my favourite fruits and other food, a clean and comfy mattress and bed cover, a wardrobe with cleaned clothing, a loving family that's always there with you, etc. These are the little things that we often take granted for.

What are the things you are thankful for? Don't take them for granted, as there are many out there that wish they could just have even a quarter of what you have now. One person can make a difference. Together we can create a better environment to live in :)

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